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  • Pdo89
    started a topic Trouble maintaining good wave

    Trouble maintaining good wave

    Has any one had issue with consistency of their surf wave? I have a 2016 X2. We will be surfing everything going good then suddenly (without changing anything using the gen2 pre set up) the wave just gets choppy. Seems to typically happen at the end of the day so normally head in can never find any...
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  • Davis
    started a topic 1994 Maristar 225 VRS Ballast Setup

    1994 Maristar 225 VRS Ballast Setup

    Hello everyone,

    I was in the process of making a post about all the upgrades that I have made to my 1994 Maristar when I realized that I should elaborate on the ballast setup since it may help some of you out. I still plan on making that other post in the future but I believe this ballast...
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  • PerryBpilot
    started a topic Ballast help 230 maristar

    Ballast help 230 maristar

    We just started surfing in the last month. 2000 Maristar 230.
    Added 1100 Lb sacs to the rear lockers, 3/4 full no passengers could not get on plane.
    So far best setup seems to be about 1/2 full right rear none left rear and 1/4 full up front on floor between seats.
    Any advice would...
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  • 2012 Mastercraft X15 IMMACULUATE, LOW HOURS, LOADED

    Boat Sold
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  • dvsone79
    started a topic TeamTalk Boating Playlist

    TeamTalk Boating Playlist

    What is your favorite boat song? Let's make a TeamTalk boat playlist. Spotify seems to be the most prevalent music app (cross-platform, has 99% of any song you can think of, can share and follow public playlists, etc) so we'll use it.

    I created a public playlist in Spotify called TeamTalk...
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  • john.m.holland
    started a topic X46 v XT23

    X46 v XT23

    I'm looking to get a Mastercraft and I'm torn between these two boats. Really like them both.

    Inland, fresh water lake in the mid-west. Gets very choppy on weekend and when there's a big breeze.

    Will regularly have two adults and three small kids 10 and under aboard - plus...
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  • Keep on Tryin'
    started a topic I Need an Attitude Adjustment!

    I Need an Attitude Adjustment!

    Or do I?

    I'm looking at 2006 X30's, and I've found one that I like. Unfortunately it doesn't have the attitude adjustment plate.
    For those of you with this style X30 with the plate, what are the primary benefits, and do you think it would be necessary for me to add it?
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  • Mattylav
    started a topic X30 surf wave help!

    X30 surf wave help!

    Hey my family purchased a 14 x30 last year with the surf package and gen 2 system, but we haven't gotten the wave dialed in yet. I had a decent set up going last season and could surf with ease, but the computer got reset some how when it got winterized. I was on my friends wakesetter with surfgage...
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  • Bobbyholiday71
    started a topic 2008 x 35 Ballast Info

    2008 x 35 Ballast Info

    Hi there, I'm new to Team Talk and needed some help. I've seen many posts about probably every model but mine... I have a 2008 X-35 ( but it has a factory installed 2010 indmyar 310 HP engine) and I'm wondering if anyone has dialed this boat in yet. It's just close with standard ballast on the wake...
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  • wka40
    started a topic 2009 Mastercraft X-2 (173 hour, $49,500)

    2009 Mastercraft X-2 (173 hour, $49,500)

    Pictures are posted on Only Inboards link below.
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  • Finley's X-25
    started a topic Gen 2 Surf System

    Gen 2 Surf System

    I purchased the Gen 2 Surf System to have installed on my 2013 X-25 but my dealer could never get it scheduled over the summer and now they've shut down. I am likely getting ready to order a new X-23 so I have no need for this system or its components.

    I have the Gen 2 Surf System including...
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  • MasterCraft’s New X23 Delivers the Industry’s Longest, Most Customizable Wave

    The inland surfing trend has become a global phenomenon and MasterCraft continues to deliver the longest and most customizable wave on the market with the introduction of the X23, the latest in its line of luxury performance boats dedicated to surf. Beyond mere afterthoughts, MasterCraft has designed...
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  • Westkelowna
    started a topic 05 vs 06 x30?

    05 vs 06 x30?

    I am looking for advice on whether the 05 x30 is significantly different from the 06? I am looking at an 05 right now in mint condition with about 175hrs on it and an 06 in good condition with about 340hrs. Both around 40K. Just wondering if there were significant design issues added in 06 that I...
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  • h2oskiluvr
    started a topic Hey X2 Owners, what do you think?

    Hey X2 Owners, what do you think?

    So I am wondering what all the X2 owners think. I am looking at one myself and I am really interested in what the owners of this model think.

    How do you like it? What are the pros and cons?

    What do you use it for? Wakeboard, surfing, tubing?

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  • Double D
    started a topic TT Members WaterSki Videos

    TT Members WaterSki Videos

    I searched for a thread and found similar ones but was looking for a thread that was strictly amateur TeamTalk members videos of them doing watersports. That would include everything behind and beside your boat on water. Lets build a good thread of TT member videos.

    OK, I'll start!...
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