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  • Shawnymac11
    started a topic New Bilge Pump

    New Bilge Pump

    I've dug deep into archives and found great information on replacing the original bilge pump. I have not found the exact answer on the wiring.

    Old yellow/black mayfair pump had brown/black wires
    Old Float switch had two grey wires

    How do I connect the new Rule pump...
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  • 1970skier
    started a topic Can't turn the motor off

    Can't turn the motor off

    Help. I bought my first MC last year in October. It's a 1989 MC prostar 190 last year with 320 hours and new engine, last year. I took it out the second time this year and could not turn the motor off. The key turns in all positions but would not turn it off. Also the kill switch would not work,...
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  • dr29576
    started a topic MTS Ballast Tank 2009 X14-v

    MTS Ballast Tank 2009 X14-v

    Just got a call from MC service where a host of repairs and upgrades are being completed on the boat. Had the digital display of the ballast tanks show that the MTS tank was filling but wouldn't empty. I couldn't tell the difference while trying to set up the boat to wake surf. I am being told that...
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  • For sale: key/switch plates for 87-90 Prostar 190

    High quality aluminum powder coater coated plates for 1987-1990 Prostar 190! Custom made & identical to factory specs.

    Call Don if interested 352-258-4999
    see pics...
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  • Mastercraft X45 Switch Decals ( 2 Sets )

    New OEM Switch Decals (2 Sets )...
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  • Grizza
    started a topic X-2 Dash Speedo Swich & Display/Selector Switch

    X-2 Dash Speedo Swich & Display/Selector Switch

    I have a 2007 X-2 and I need the rocker switch for the Speedo and Display/Selector. Dealer can't seem to know what the part number is. Anyone have any idea as mine is now sticking and I can't get it to adjust my speedo.
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  • Mathewfamily
    started a topic Battery Switch Fail

    Battery Switch Fail

    I am getting some voltage surging when the key is one. I put an ohm meter on the batteries and noticed that there was a voltage drop surge on one of the batteries when the key is on. Nothing running but the BIG screen. It is only coming from one of the batteries so I swapped power to the other battery...
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  • bob
    started a topic Solenoid, starter, or neutral safety switch?

    Solenoid, starter, or neutral safety switch?

    I have a 1987 Force 125 HP Motor that I am trying to start for the first time this season. First the Bendix was not engaging so I removed the starter and successfully freed the Bendix with a lubricant. When bench tested, the bendix did jump up. I reinstalled the starter however now seem to be having...
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  • Teakind
    started a topic Prostar 190 Illuminated Switches

    Prostar 190 Illuminated Switches

    Hello All,

    I hate to ask this 'cause it should be so intuitive but I am afraid to break something. I need to replace all 6 of my dash switch bulbs on a 1989 PS 190. They are small and almost look like LEDs but it seems too early in history. Has anyone removed and replaced these? Where...
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  • Batteries Draining Quickly - Check Alternator?

    I have a two battery setup with a Perko switch. My usual operation is to use battery 1 for normal cruising, then switch to battery 2 when anchored. Recently my cranking battery (#1) has been draining very quickly to the point that voltage alarm goes off. I switch to deep cycle (#2) and then it drains...
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  • 1golfer
    started a topic Prostar accessory switches

    Prostar accessory switches

    Anybody know what is wired the the accessory 1 switch from the factory in a 04 prostatic 209? It seems that mine isn't hooked to anything
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  • johnlyda
    started a topic Tower Lights Cycle On & Off....Help!

    Tower Lights Cycle On & Off....Help!

    I have a 2001 MC PS 209. I have 5 tower lights that cycle on and off at consistent intervals, almost as if they are pulling too much power and overheating. It's so consistent it can't be a short. They will stay on for 2 min or so then go off, and then come back on in another minute or so and cycle...
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  • keneliasen
    Guest started a topic Another Ballast Problem....

    Another Ballast Problem....

    My port ballast pump will not operate on '07 CSX. The other two tanks are working fine. There are no lights on the switch in either direction. I switched the harness with the starboard side and the pump is working fine. I jumped the breaker and still no luck. At this point i'm not sure what else...
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  • 2000mcxstar
    Guest started a topic some new owner questions...

    some new owner questions...

    ok well I just bought my first boat about a month ago, but have been wakeboarding since i was little. I have already broken my ear drum behind this boat and all I can say is I love it. But anyway, on to my questions.
    First, I already put a second battery in the boat, and hooked them up in parellell...
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