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  • OviedoProstar
    started a topic 1996 ProStar 205

    1996 ProStar 205

    1996 MasterCraft Prostar 205 5.7L
    Green/white exterior white/green interior
    Trailer Included
    Ready to take on the Lake today!

    Purchased from original owner in 2017. Boat runs and operates great.
    Many upgrades since then....
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  • Orca closed cooling but no thermostat?

    I have a 97 Prostar with TBI engine and Orca closed cooling (which was on the boat when I bought it). Does anyone know if this should have a thermostat installed with this setup?
    Looking at various sources leads me to believe that it should, but I can't determine if there is a thermostat on...
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  • 2001 X-10 5.7 TBI How to set timing?

    I have a MEFI3 controller, so I turned off timing advance and the engine died. It was running very good with Mefi control. So i turned the distributor some and restarted and got the timing light out but can't seem to get it timed to zero with the timing light set to 10 degrees. *My timing light has...
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  • 2001 X-10 5.7 Cranks, won't start

    I have an 01 X-10 that I just installed a new crate motor in and it will crank but won't start. I have spark going into distributor cap and out of cap at least on the one cylinder I checked. I hear the fuel pump run for 2 sec when I turn the key on and if I press the schrader valve fuel sprays out...
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  • mattV
    started a topic LT1 High Idle , Help Needed

    LT1 High Idle , Help Needed

    Hi, My father build a custom wooden boat with a 95-97 Indmar LT1 TBI out of mastercraft prostar. The boat has high idle issues (1200 with correct timing 10deg BTDC), but we have retarded timing in order to get the idle down temporarily.

    Here are the troubleshooting steps. TPS and IAC...
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  • 1997 mastercraft 205 engine electrical wiring schematic diagram

    Hey guys and gals i have a tbi 350 and i am getting no fire!I really need a wiring diagram since ii have memorial day plans and the boat shops here are 5 weeks out! any help appreciated! Thanks in advance, Jim
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  • beatyr
    started a topic 1999 5.7 TBI Wiring Harness Elimination

    1999 5.7 TBI Wiring Harness Elimination

    Right off the bat... I am in need of a MC 1999 wiring schematics / diagram for the 5.7 350 2 barrel TPI setup. Three seasons ago, I had replaced the factory aforementioned engine setup with a sweet marine 383 stroker but retained the OEM 2 barrel TBI and manifold.

    See Here--> h...
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  • DavidW
    started a topic 2002 X9 not starting

    2002 X9 not starting

    Hello, I recently purchased a used 2002 X9 with the 5.7L 310hp TBI engine. It would not start last Friday and started diagnosis:
    • could hear fuel pump and was getting pressure
    • pulled one plug, grounded it, and no spark
    • pulled another plug and still no spark
    • pulled wire to cernter terminal on
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  • MC205
    started a topic 96 Prostar 350 TBI black smoke

    96 Prostar 350 TBI black smoke

    Last two times out I have started to notice black smoke at idle. It seems to get worse as the engine warms up. In the past the engine has always had a little white smoke at startup, but nothing like this. Motor isn't using any oil. I have also noticed a significant amount of black soot build-up...
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  • lintwurm
    started a topic TBI to DBW conversion

    TBI to DBW conversion

    Has anyone tried to convert a 2000 TBI motor over to DBW? I took a ride in a 2010 SAN and the throttle was automatically adjusted by the speed control before it got to the required speed. I do have a PP stargazer but it always overshoots. Is there maybe new software that will reduce the throttle right...
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  • dgaugler
    started a topic High Idle - HELP!

    High Idle - HELP!

    First trip out this year and the boat is acting up. Its a 1996 Maristar 200 VRS without the LT1. First it wouldn't start so I check that it was getting fuel and spark, both looked good. So puzzled I tried a few more times and finally got it to start after unplugging the TPS, but it was idling at 1800-2000...
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  • tcseward
    started a topic RPM issues around 2800

    RPM issues around 2800

    I Have a 95 PS 205 with the 350 TBI engine. The engine bogs down around 2800 RPM's. It drops by about 500 RPMs. I have changed the fuel filter, cleaned the screen on the fuel pump, cleaned the screen on the tank pickup, changed the throttle position sensor, changed the MAP sensor, and run the trouble...
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