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  • Check Engine on MCX350 with Throttle alerts

    I have the codes that point to either the throttle position sensor or the Pedal Position Sensor on my MCX350 in a 2008 X14. Does anyone have the specs for the replacement part for the PPS? I've replaced the throttle body and it solved the problem for a couple of seasons, but it's recurring, so I want...
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  • Replacing Control Cables (shift and throttle)

    Attempted to replace my cables today. My throttle cable has always been a little too stiff, so finally got around to replacing it. I have a 2000 Prostar 195.

    Here are a bunch of points that may help others:

    - To remove the driver side panel I had to remove 4 bolts with an...
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  • caffn8r
    started a topic Idle issue

    Idle issue

    I'm sure this has been asked before, but a fairly intensive search of the forum did not quite cover my issue. I have an 87 prostar with the 351 and a Holley carb. I bought the boat in fairly poor condition after it having sat for probably 15 years or so. After thoroughly going through it mechanically,...
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  • gilski
    started a topic Throttle Body and ECM

    Throttle Body and ECM

    Just bought 2001 190 TBI 5.7 Indmar Predator.

    Its missing throttle body part number 556110 (does anyone have a cross-reference)?

    Also ECM/ECU 16237019 cefi3.

    Any ideas where to find new or used.

    Thank you,
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  • kashwmu
    started a topic 1993 Prostar throttle cable confusion

    1993 Prostar throttle cable confusion

    I have recently purchased and installed a new 4160 into my 1993. The install included a new fuel pump, line, etc and all of that went well, until it came to hook up the throttle. I have attached the image of where I am currently at. I have scoured the forums and it seems like most images I see a look...
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  • jimboj
    started a topic Throttle not going past half way

    Throttle not going past half way

    Replaced fuel pump thanks to the Fuel Pump 101 thread. After replacing, idled around the cove to see if new pump was working and checked for leaks. All was great, took it out of the cove and accelerated. Throttle will push passed half way but engine RPM's will not go past 3200. After a few attempts...
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  • bssteven
    started a topic 2005 X2 TPS Fault

    2005 X2 TPS Fault

    So I have been working on this throttle sensor problem and finally gave up and took the boat to a local shop. They are an Indmar certified dealer but do not sell MC. Anyway, after several weeks they tell me that the throttle assy was made by teledyne and has been discontinued by Teledyne and MC has...
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  • ray-man
    started a topic Throttle cable 205v prostar 2000

    Throttle cable 205v prostar 2000

    Replacing throttle cable on a 2000 prostar 205v
    Is there a teleflex cable that replaces the throttle cable, What number and length?
    When I push the throttle lever to full throttle the cable does NOT open the carburetor all the way. When I manually move the end of the throttle cable, at...
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  • Waterski-Marcoisland
    started a topic Livorsi throttle upgrade...

    Livorsi throttle upgrade...

    Check out these new throttles by livorsi.
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  • baseman422
    started a topic 1994 PS 190 help

    1994 PS 190 help

    Hey everybody, Got a new to me 1994 PS 190 about a month ago. Absolutly love it!!! There is a black button on the transom side of the throttle handle I have no idea what it is. Does anybody have a clue what I'm talking about? I will try to post a pic tomorrow if I can. I would sure like to know what...
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  • crom
    started a topic holley carb 4160 throttle gas leak?

    holley carb 4160 throttle gas leak?

    this is my first time posting although I've been an almost daily visitor since I found out about this page a month ago. usually can find what i need through search but can't find definative info on this.

    have a 89 190 with the 4160 carb, had some problems with a leak out of the forward...
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