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  • koom53
    started a topic JL Audio E2150M Amp not turning on

    JL Audio E2150M Amp not turning on

    I am a new Mastercraft owner (2006 XStar purchased late last summer) and first of wanted to say thank you to all that contribute to this forum. Its so helpful and amazing at the amount of time you guys put into answering questions and helping others out.

    So for my first post here is...
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  • Jl 7.7” tower speakers

    Jl 7.7” tower speakers. JL Audio - MX770-ETXv3-SG-TK. I had two pair on my x55. Found a used set of 8.8” and swapped. Got the 8.8” from a nautique owner so they had nautique mounts. great shape. I will even include a set of speaker Sox covers. Looking for $500 plus shipping obo...
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  • Theglaze
    started a topic JL tower speakers 7.7”

    JL tower speakers 7.7”

    I upgraded a pair of my 7.7” tower speakers to 8.8” that I picked up used. Selling the 7.7” I took off. The new 8.8” had nautique mounts so the 7.7” come with those mounts. Looking to get $500 plus shipping. Pm me....
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  • MTH7
    started a topic Wet Sounds REV 8 - Brand New

    Wet Sounds REV 8 - Brand New

    I have some Wet Souds REV 8's for sale. $1000 shipped inside the 48 states. PM for details
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  • Camronl20
    started a topic Need help with adding tower speakers

    Need help with adding tower speakers

    Hello I need help with adding tower speakers to my 2018 NXT20. It has the Klipsch audio package. Currently no tower speakers. I was told by my local dealer that it would cost $3,500 to add 2 tower speakers plus installation, and if I wanted to add speakers from a non Mastercraft dealer it would void...
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  • Klipsch SA85s, great for NXTs


    After doing a stereo upgrade on my '18 XT23 I have 2 Klipsch S85 speakers for sale. According to my dealer these are a $1500 pair of speakers on the build sheet and are bolt on for NXTs and XTs. Great option for adding a 2nd pair of speakers to an existing Klipsch rig....
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  • derfsaint
    started a topic 2007 X2 Audio and Amp settings

    2007 X2 Audio and Amp settings

    I have great sound and volume coming from my cabin speakers. But my Sub and tower speakers sound like they are putting out 1/3 of the decibels.

    I looked at the two amps settings and you can see a similar amount of comprehension on a dog's face when it looks at an Iphone. I swear those...
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  • aswoape
    started a topic Installing Speakers on Monster MT1 Tower

    Installing Speakers on Monster MT1 Tower

    I am looking to install tower speakers on my Monster MT1 wake tower and am looking for any recommendations that will make this process as smooth as possible. I know it will require drilling holes in the tower and the boat itself, but I have never drilled holes in a boat before. Also, any suggestions...
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  • Billet JL speakers, Wetsounds Rev 8 Speakers for sale

    Up for sale are 2 sets of the newer style JL speakers with billet aluminum cans and Blue LED rings. $1250 per set or $2400 for all for plus shipping.

    Also up for sale are 2 sets of Wetsounds Rev8 in White. $750 per set or $1400 for all 4.

    Lastly a set of older Mastercraft...
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  • pbrundage
    started a topic ISO JL Tower Speakers

    ISO JL Tower Speakers

    Hey guys, I've been watching the classifieds but I think all posts referring to the OEM tower speakers are sold. Looking for 2 factory cans for a '11 X35. Attached are a couple pics I had handy of the current speakers. Thanks!...
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  • F/S 2 pair of JL Audio 770 series OEM tower speakers


    Im looking to sell the tower speakers off my 2013 Mastercraft x25. Im upgrading to the jl m880 tower speakers. The speakers being sold are the gloss black tower speakers. One pair is the m770 with sport grilles titanium color (M770-ETXv3-SG-TB) with gloss black cans. The other...
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  • 4 Rev 10 Tower Speakers w/ZFT4 Tower Clamps for sale

    Sold !!! No longer available. have (4) Rev 10 Wetsounds Tower Speakers with ZFT4 tower mounts. (2) are still new in box, (2) were installed and used for a couple of times on my old 13 X25 before the new X23 came in. Powerful speakers, new boat came with upgraded Tower speakers. Make me a reasonable...
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  • LDA6339
    started a topic 2vs4 Tower Speakers

    2vs4 Tower Speakers

    Recently we've been looking at getting a new X-30, we've been searching for one with 4 speakers on the tower but we're finding that is getting more and more hard to find. Are the extra 2 speakers up top worth the wait? How expensive would it be to add 2 more to 2014 or 2015 model? Thanks for your input,...
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  • LDA6339
    started a topic 2 Blown Tower Speakers

    2 Blown Tower Speakers

    Noticed this weekend while out on the lake that the tower speakers sounded awful, upon closer inspection I found out why. (pictures below)

    1) Should I only replace the broken 2 or replace all 4?
    2) How do I find speakers that are the correct size and correct power for the amp?...
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  • 1996 Prostar 205 $10k with trailer and speaker system

    my husband and i divorced recently so we are selling our 96 prostar 205. We used it for 2 summers of wakeboarding, got all new upholstry, new captain's seat, and jump seat.

    tower, collapsable with two racks, and four speaker set up
    dual batteries
    boat cover
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