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  • Jonmmm
    started a topic 2018 xstar red fluid.

    2018 xstar red fluid.

    I'm going to tell you what i know and only what I've had time to look at. I bought a 2018 xstar (300hrs gdi 6000) from an out of state dealer who did all service on it as well as inspected it. they did do a trans service recently.I have put 3 hours on the boat since I've owned it. initially i noticed...
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  • Any experience with transmission seals?

    I have a 2002 Maristar 230 VRS V-Drive unit. It has a ZF Hurth 630V transmission. After
    19 years, I saw transmission fluid in the bilge area during vacation in September. When I got home, I drained the transmission fluid and discovered water in the fluid .... instead of normal red, it was...
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  • Juiced190
    started a topic 04 197 transmission question.

    04 197 transmission question.

    Today while shifting from forward to neutral then into reverse, while pulling up to a down skier I heard a loud clank. Put in neutral then reverse again, same loud clank. You could also feel the clank as it was shifted into reverse. Put boat into neutral, shut off engine, loaded skier, pulled in rope...
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  • BorgWarner Velvet Drive 10-17-004

    Used BorgWarner Velvet Drive transmission for sale. Asking $650.

    Model 10-17-004
    1:1 Ratio, Right hand drive
    Approximately 700 hours.
    This was installed in a 1994 Prostar 205.
    I replaced it thinking it needed rebuilt, but it turned out I had some leaking lines...
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  • Some people should NOT own a boat!

    I am a new MC guy... I have been looking for a 230 vrs as a good family boat to start out with as our young kids are starting to learn water sports. The old boat we've got is great, it's just not a mc. Searching and searching I finally found one (02' with the LTR), of course it had SOME issues....
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  • l8kebum
    started a topic 8.1 Engine/transmission issues

    8.1 Engine/transmission issues

    04 Xstar with 8.1L motor.

    I was cruising around 30 mph when speed all of a sudden dropped to 8 mph. I pulled the throttle back and accelerated again like nothing was wrong. Cruised for a few minutes (roughly 3-5) and the same thing happened. Killed the engine. Started back up with no...
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  • Transmission fluid in bilge area - 1982 MasterCraft Stars and Stripes

    I'm new to the forum. I picked up a 1982 S&S in the fall and it ran great. Only 215 hours. As I was getting it ready for the summer (new plugs, wires, impeller, bilge pump, oil, etc), there was a lot of red fluid in the bilge area and the transmission fluid is very low. I'm sure it is...
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  • ZF Hurth HSW630V1 Not going into gear. Help!

    Hi All,

    I have a 1999 230VRS (V-Drive). As mentioned in the title the transmission is the ZF Hurth HSW 630V1. Last weekend I changed the transmission oil and filter (using 15W-40 motor oil) and took the boat out. It ran like a top for about 4 hours, then as I was pulling my son on a...
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  • valovic
    started a topic Whine and slight loss of power

    Whine and slight loss of power

    I'm a new owner of a 96 prostar 205. It has the 350 LT1 motor in it. I rebuilt the engine last winter where the old block had cracked due to improper winterization from the previous owner.
    I have been out on the water with it a few times, and it runs great for about 45 minutes, and then...
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  • PerryBpilot
    started a topic ZF Hurth service center help KY

    ZF Hurth service center help KY

    2000 MariStar 230 VRS
    I need to have my transmission serviced and re-sealed. I have removed it from the boat and I have spoken to M/C dealer in Louisville and Cincinnatti
    I don't want to use a generic transmission shop but cant find any help in or near Central Kentucky.
    Any su...
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  • '89 Tristar 190 5.7L Indmar w/ 1:1 Velvet Drive HELP!

    So I purchased a 1989 Tri-Star 190 Open bow a week ago, this is my very first boat/MasterCraft. I was unable to drive the boat first on water (I know, I know) but picking it up for less than 2 grand I figured it was worth it. So beyond that the hull is in awesome shape and the engine ran strong on the...
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  • Looking for a Trusted Service Center in the NorthEast

    Good Morning,
    I am looking for a Trusted service center in the Northeast. I have a 2002 XStar. I have a transmission problem. Hoping it's a seal that has failed I have transmission fluid in the hull and none in the transmission. I was going to try and remove the transmission myself but it...
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  • 04' X2 V-drive Transmission ZF Hurth 63 - recommendations

    Looking for any recommendations or similar experiences that anyone might have with their ZF Hurth 63 V-drive transmissions to what I experienced, or could point me to a thread or two? The boat is a 2004 X2 with Indmar TBI with only about 430 hours on it. No prior mechanical failures of any kind....
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  • JoelGustafson
    started a topic Black liquid in transmission

    Black liquid in transmission

    First post here. I have a 87 prostar with the power slot and water got in the tranny. I removed the fluid with a fluid extactor and when I pulled the hose out there was a black liquid on the last 3 inches of the hose. I dumped a couple quarts of new fluid in removed that and the same thing. wondering...
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  • dlboltond
    started a topic 92 transmission mount bolts

    92 transmission mount bolts

    Removed and rebuilt transmission and I noticed that one of the transmission mount bolts was stripped. Any ideas on what size that is and where I can get a replacement? It is a very fine thread and I am not sure Lowes will carry that one.

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