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  • Weldon
    started a topic Value of 1990 Tristar 190 ????

    Value of 1990 Tristar 190 ????

    As with most things, it is only worth what someone will pay for it... I'm sure I think my MC is worth more than it really is, so I am asking for your expert opinions on what I should ask for it.

    1990 Tristar, 377 hours, North GA boat. All original with exception of tower, bimini and...
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  • Jbeams2
    started a topic Winterizing a 1989 tristar 190

    Winterizing a 1989 tristar 190

    Hi guys, I have a 1989 tristar 190 with a ford indmar 351 in it. I was looking for some tips on how to winterize this boat. I have winterized my jet ski many times, but never an indmar 351. Any help would be much appreciated!

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  • tbrennan257
    started a topic Seat mildew help!

    Seat mildew help!

    Hey everyone! Just bought a 1988 tristar. The seats are structurally sound and the vinyl is still good (no rips/tears in the seat backs. But this mildew is driving me insane! Can I remove this or do I have to recover it or get a new seat? Thanks for your help!

    P.S. I just bought the boat...
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  • 90's Tristar into outboard-MC Prototype? Restoration

    So, according to the guy who sold this to me in AZ this was a mastercraft prototype before he had it. I never confirmed this, but it does not have any holes for prop or rudder in the hull, no supports for an inboard engine. It appears to be a tristar conversion. When I purchased it the poorly welded...
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  • 1988 Tristar Runs like a sewing machine...

    Up for sale is a used and rare Tristar. New: raw water pump,ignition,battery,steering cable and bilge pump. Interior is all original. Comes with the original tandem axle MC trailer. $6000 obo
    Get out this summer on the water real cheap with this classic. Fresh water only.
    351 engine...
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  • 1988 Mastercraft TriStar 190 Open Bow 4Sale - Indy

    1988 Mastercraft Tristar 190 Open Bow - 351 Indmar, electronic ignition, 1000ish hours, interior in good shape with some reupholstered seat tops...very stong boat...tandem axle trailer is not in very good shape...lots of rust...this boat needs to be on a lake! I barely have used last 3-5 years..In Indianapolis...has...
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  • Barefoototis
    started a topic 1989 tristar project

    1989 tristar project

    So this is my first mastercraft and it needs some tlc. I was doing some work for my local Mastercraft dealer when it caught my eye. The owner had just taken it in on trade and I wanted the in one door out the other deal. The previous owner had just put a new alternator starter cap And rotors plugs...
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  • McDiesel21
    started a topic 1989 Mastercraft Barefoot 190

    1989 Mastercraft Barefoot 190

    I'm new to this forum but am interested in finding out what my boat is worth. It's an 89 Mastercraft Barefoot 190 with the Chevy 454 big block. All original with matching trailer. Turn key and has only 329 hrs on it from the factory. It's the tri-star hull and I purchased it from the original owner....
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  • 89 Tristar dash needs help

    The years are starting to take their toll. The stress of bouncing on the waves have caused the penetration points of my dash to start to/completely pull through. Looking for a way to repair these. Anyone have a recommendation? I have considered laying glass down on the inside for reinforcement and I...
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  • gatorfandarryl
    started a topic 89 Tristar 220 $2000 OBO

    89 Tristar 220 $2000 OBO

    89 Tristar 220, Its a project boat that I got few years ago, had really bought it to just get the trailer for a friends boat, so after refurbishing trailer had this boat which had been tore into by PO son, was missing valve covers, and wiring was all ripped out, carb was off, alt missing, etc... having...
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  • sub_squoch
    started a topic How to hide a fat sac

    How to hide a fat sac

    I have a 1988 Mastercraft Tristar 190 that has had the rear seat modified to create a sundeck that conceals a fat sac. The sundeck is made of the seat parts so I still have all the seat parts. The 'problem' is that I could really use the seating but we also love the sundeck; and I am not willing to...
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  • Tristar 190 vs PS 205 slalom wake comparison

    Hi Everybody,
    New member to this forum. My dream is to buy a PS190, but the wife is insistent that the boat must absolutely have a walk-thru open bow. I don't want to throw $25k at PS197 from the early 2000's. Everything I read on the tristar 190 says the slalom wake is "almost as good...
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  • thughes
    started a topic Help Wanted

    Help Wanted

    I am currently very interested in buying a late 80s early 90s Mastercraft. I have looked at the Maristar (Which i missed out on by a day in Colorado) and now a 88 Tristar. I am hoping I can get some advice from current owners. Any recommendations , comments or suggestions as to what to look for and...
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  • ryanmojo
    started a topic Engine Alarm Won't Shut Off

    Engine Alarm Won't Shut Off

    First a quick thank you to everyone on here. I've lurked TT for almost 10 years now and I can't begin to tell you how many questions i've found answers for in these threads.
    So thanks to everyone!

    I'm posting today because I'm absolutely stumped.
    I replaced...
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  • jdmcraft
    Guest started a topic Water coming in through gas vent

    Water coming in through gas vent

    Hi, I'm having issues with my 1990 Tristar. It keeps getting water in the gas tank. I've had the carb rebuilt, the water/fuel, separator replaced, the tank emptied (twice). The boat runs strongly for hours but it seems that the water/fuel separator cannot keep up and eventually it gets waterlogged and...
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