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  • Mizzou101
    started a topic Voltage Fluctuation

    Voltage Fluctuation

    I have a 2012 X-45. I'm noticing a voltage fluctuation between 13.7 and 14.2 on the digital voltage readout. Is this fluctuation normal? I don't recall this in the past. I know that my batteries are probably on their last leg, but isn't voltage while the engine is running controlled by the alternator?...
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  • stuartjr
    started a topic Dual Screen Voltage Reading While Cruising

    Dual Screen Voltage Reading While Cruising

    Just curious what others with dual screen, preferably X22 owners, are seeing as their voltage reading while at cruising speeds. My previous X10 was consistently around 14.2. I have never seen my X22 get above 13.6. Floated for about an hour this past weekend with the radio on and had to use the combine...
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  • D2Dominator
    started a topic Audible Alarm, Radio Turns Off

    Audible Alarm, Radio Turns Off

    So intermittently at Idle in between pulls I have been getting an audible alarm with no check engine lite and my Stereo shuts off. The alarm does not turn off unless we shut the engine down and turn it back on... A few times yesterday the starter would not fire on the first key turn... but would take...
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  • Mattymillz12
    started a topic Low voltage warning help!!!!

    Low voltage warning help!!!!

    Hey guys, I know this topic is beat to death but I really need some help. Last year my 06 x star threw a bunch of low voltage warnings. We replaced the alternator and problem solved. However water was left on the alternator and most likely ruined it (don't know yet because I can't start it until later...
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  • RkyMtnSkier
    started a topic '04 Maristar low voltage alarm

    '04 Maristar low voltage alarm

    Hi All - spent a few hours researching threads before my post, but I need some help. This is a low voltage alarm issue when the engine is not running.

    My Maristar is pretty stock. Only thing I've done is add 2 JL Audio e4300 amps and two tower speakers. Amps are wired direct to Perko...
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    started a topic Volt Gauge

    Volt Gauge

    Hey All,

    Have not been on TT much the last several months. Volt gauge suddenly went to zero last weekend. Made it back just fine but the battery is new this year. Am travelling and have not had a chance to check the alternator. Any intial suspicians on whether the alternator, cables,...
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