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  • Wake washed out on one side until a fast reverse

    2010 x45 with gosurfassist. Wake plate is stuck 90% up (need new lenco). When we go out, no matter how we weight the boat, wake washed out. Finally noticed that once we go in reverse fast, fixes it for rest of day. Nothing hanging when we go underneath. Any ideas what it could be? And sometimes...
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  • dvsone79
    started a topic DIY Wake Surf Shaper

    DIY Wake Surf Shaper

    I tested out a new wake gate on my 205v today. Instead of attaching to the swim platform, this one attaches to the side of the boat using velcro similar to the Ronix Eight.3 wake surf shaper. I bought 2 "ten 80" skateboard ramps on Amazon, and some industrial strength velcro. Total investment...
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  • Questions about x30 wakeboard wake

    I have been reading these forums for years, but this is my first time posting. This year my family purchased a 2014 x30 with the new gen 2 tabs. I absolutely love them for surfing but when we slam the boat for wakeboarding they are cause the wake to wash and almost flatten out and give it a weird shape....
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  • Shavo9
    started a topic Mastercraft SS plus X25

    Mastercraft SS plus X25

    Looking at upgrading to a new X25, does anybody know if the Saltwater series wake is the same/better/worse than a freshwater model, because my local dealer said there is more dead rise, deeper V etc and just wondering how this effected the wake! Thanks!
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  • Wakeboarding Wake of 1991 TriStar 220?

    I've searched the forums a good while with out any luck on this. I have a 91 TriStar 220 with a 351 that I use for wakeboarding. The wake of the boat has constant white wash at the top of the wake and the slope of it is pretty mellow. Is there anything that can be done about getting rid of the white...
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