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  • SWELL Wakesurf
    started a topic New H3X Plus SLIM

    New H3X Plus SLIM

    Teamtalk, we are looking for a few members to help us get some more data and information on our new H3X Plus SLIM wake shaper. You guys have helped us develop our original slim so i wanted to reach out to you guys first.

    We are looking for around 4-5 people that surf on a regular basis...
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  • JoeyD
    started a topic WakeShaper XL

    WakeShaper XL

    I have a 2010 X25. I have the WakeShaper XL which was surprisingly expensive two yrs ago. I can't get the device to stay on for more than a few seconds because the the triple sloped hull shape where it's supposed to placed. It seems I would have to make a custom mold of the hull with some clay or other...
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  • Hefty5
    started a topic 1995 Maristar 200 - Fat Sac - Wake Shaper

    1995 Maristar 200 - Fat Sac - Wake Shaper

    I have a 1995 Maristar 200. I am running two 450 Fat Sacs one on each side. I am looking to place a sac in the floor locker. Any recommendations on size / weight? Any recommendations on a wake shaper?
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  • SWELL Wakesurf Creator SLIM - Special offer to TT members


    We launched our Wakesurf Creator SLIM last month,

    over the past few years of making wake shapers we've heard from a lot of MC owners who haven't been able to find a good solution for some of those...
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  • Bowes884
    started a topic collapsible wake shaper

    collapsible wake shaper

    Maybe I missed the thread but does anyone know of a wake shaper that can collapse flush with the hull and pull out? I'm looking for something I can put on both sides of my boat and pull out either side depending on if the rider is goofy or regular. Currently have the Ronix and its a pain to pull of...
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  • Jbeams2
    started a topic Surfgate Tristar 190

    Surfgate Tristar 190

    Anybody have issues getting their surf gates below the water line? We have an 89 tristar 190 and when the surf side is listed, we can't get the surf gate to stay below the water line on the opposite side because of the small amount of flat surface to mount the suction cups. Anybody have similar issues...
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  • Jbeams2
    started a topic Wakesurfing behind a 1989 Tristar

    Wakesurfing behind a 1989 Tristar

    Can anyone give me an idea if we have a wake shaper , a 550 lb fatsac on the back seat and another 550 lb bag on the surf side of the engine (maybe not filled quite all the way up) if that would be enough to through a decent enough wake to let go of the rope while surfing behind? Like I said we are...
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  • New SuckGate For Wake Surfing $200

    Brand new never used SuckGate to help shape the surfing wake. Color is Black.

    Industrial Suction Cups

    These suction cups have a very strong holding power and attach/remove in seconds. Tested up to speeds in the high 20's MPH!

    Marine Grade Materials
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  • WakeSurf22
    started a topic Wake Shaper - New Surf gate

    Wake Shaper - New Surf gate

    Best Wake Shaper - Looking for tips

    I'm in search of a Wake Shaper and came across this new one at, it's not $500 like all of the other quality shapers, not that pain in the @ss Velcro and isn't a cutting board with a handle bolted to it. Has anybody seen this or used it?...
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  • Diminishing returns on wave due to overweight on x45?

    Hey it possible to overweight a boat to the point where it negatively impacts the wave?

    This past week spent quite a bit of time trying to get my 2010 x45 gen 1 wave dialed in.
    Originally started with 1050 lbs in each rear locker, kgb full 500 lbs, and an 800 lbs bag...
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