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  • 2006 X2 wakeboard boat to wakesurf boat

    Guys, wanted to start a new thread here to keep things clean! We are in the middle of a build of a 2006 X2 and wanted to share progress. We so far have taken out the interior, removed the stock ballast, and are just about done installing some underwater lights. We are creating a YouTube series to make...
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  • sterling34
    started a topic Wake surfing behind prostar 190

    Wake surfing behind prostar 190

    I’m currently in the process of buying my first boat, it’s a 1987 prostar 190. I’d like to surf behind it if possible. It comes with a surfgate, was curious if I should get fat sacks and what sizes? Also any tips for speeds and anything else would be great. I’d also need to get a board so suggestions...
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  • Liquid Force Chase Sixer 5'0" Wake surf - $200

    Board has only been used 2-3 times. I find it slow, but I some people online left positive reviews on it. The fin setup pictured are the only fins I have. $200 + covering shipping takes it.

    Please message me through TeamTalk

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  • 99' X-Star
    started a topic Fresh Air Exhaust

    Fresh Air Exhaust

    Just bought a 99' X-star and have it set up for surfing. I am toying with the idea of a fresh air exhaust system. Pro's / Con's and systems you use would be helpful!:
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  • jwindsor
    started a topic Trim tabs

    Trim tabs

    Recently purchased a 06 x15 and have been doing some research on trim tabs/attitude adjustment plate. I am curious about the advantages/disadvantages to adding those. Based on what I have read they help the boat to plain out and make the wake smaller at skiing speeds which is mostly why I am interested....
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  • Jbeams2
    started a topic Surfgate Tristar 190

    Surfgate Tristar 190

    Anybody have issues getting their surf gates below the water line? We have an 89 tristar 190 and when the surf side is listed, we can't get the surf gate to stay below the water line on the opposite side because of the small amount of flat surface to mount the suction cups. Anybody have similar issues...
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  • Jbeams2
    started a topic Wakesurfing behind a 1989 Tristar

    Wakesurfing behind a 1989 Tristar

    Can anyone give me an idea if we have a wake shaper , a 550 lb fatsac on the back seat and another 550 lb bag on the surf side of the engine (maybe not filled quite all the way up) if that would be enough to through a decent enough wake to let go of the rope while surfing behind? Like I said we are...
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  • Issues Keeping surf gate stuck on side of 89 tristar

    Hi guys, I have a 1989 tristar 190. We recently received a surfgate for it to help us get into surfing. It is one of the ones with 2 suction cups that stick to the boat. We are having issues getting it to stay stuck to the side of the boat when reaching our surfing speed of around 10mph.
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  • Super clean 2015 Mastercraft X23 7.4 Ilmor - $119,000

    Reducing the price to $112,900! This boat is in excellent condition. Look around at other 2015 X23s for sale, this is in the range that others are selling their 6.2L for. My family and I will miss this boat but it's time for a change.

    Mastercraft made wake surfing legit when they released...
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  • New SuckGate For Wake Surfing $200

    Brand new never used SuckGate to help shape the surfing wake. Color is Black.

    Industrial Suction Cups

    These suction cups have a very strong holding power and attach/remove in seconds. Tested up to speeds in the high 20's MPH!

    Marine Grade Materials
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  • 2001 Mastercraft X9 w/ WetSounds and LEDs $29000 OBO Low hours

    I am selling my 2001 Mastercraft X9 for $29000.00 OBO. I am the second owner and this boat has been awesome. It has not given me any trouble and I hate to sale but I bought a newer XStar and can't keep both boats. The interior and exterior are in wonderful shape. Exterior 8/10 and interior 9/10. This...
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  • LDA6339
    started a topic DIY Wake Gate

    DIY Wake Gate

    Anyone have any advice on building your own wake gate? I'm looking at doing it for my 03 X-30 this afternoon. I'm mostly concerned about how to attach it to the boat. I've read its best to build it out of plywood first and test them before building them out of something tougher like the cutting board...
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  • mxzxsled
    started a topic X-45 Aftermarket Trim Tabs

    X-45 Aftermarket Trim Tabs

    I have a 2007 X-45 I just bought. I live in MN so I have yet to put it in the water but want it good to go when I do. I already had Midwest Mastercraft add 2 1100 bags in the rear and a 400 in the front. I bought the Ronix Eight wedge but have been thinking about returning it. It seems that for a few...
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  • dvsone79
    started a topic DIY Wake Surf Shaper

    DIY Wake Surf Shaper

    I tested out a new wake gate on my 205v today. Instead of attaching to the swim platform, this one attaches to the side of the boat using velcro similar to the Ronix Eight.3 wake surf shaper. I bought 2 "ten 80" skateboard ramps on Amazon, and some industrial strength velcro. Total investment...
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    started a topic 2010 X2 Saltwater Series

    2010 X2 Saltwater Series

    This X-2 comes standard with the BIG (Boat Instrument Gauge) Screen, a beautiful, crystal clear 6 display that is more computer than gauge, allowing you to see not only typical fuel, temp, speed and cruise settings but providing a cutting edge interface to save user data (i.e. ballast and surf tabs...
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