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  • Please help!... Improperly stored, beautiful 2011 x25

    No, not stored poorly on purpose... the place I pay to store my boat "forgot" about it, left it outside and with only my mooring cover loosely on.

    I'm devastated, this boat was the only nice thing I own.

    So - backstory:
    1- Paid for winterization and full...
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  • Winterization on Lake Wallenpaupack, PA

    Who do you use for winterization and do you recommend them? What do you expect them to do? How much does it cost?
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  • pmcski
    started a topic Winterizing Heater in a Prostar

    Winterizing Heater in a Prostar

    I have a 2016 Prostar and wondering if anyone has had any experience winterizing the heater. This will be the first year I will be doing it and looking for some guidance/suggestions for doing it. Thanks in advance!
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  • 2003 197 TT - Winterizing Ballast Pump

    Hi friends,

    Looking for someone to tell me if I'm losing it. I have a 2003 197 TT with the ballast bag under the rear seat, and the empty/fill pump switch on the panel near the throttle. I SWEAR last year when I winterized and pumped RV antifreeze through it, it emptied out the two...
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  • Lbferguson
    started a topic Perko Flush pro

    Perko Flush pro

    Well we were ready to flush & Perko Flush Pro was broke - see not only expensive but they cone with a kit looks like softer flexible hose - I know we won't mount to transom
    Do you have regular black hoses or did you use the Perko kit - darn thing was broke inside hose & disconnected...
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  • Winterize X45 8.1L Vortec 2008 Detailed Instructions

    I've been searching for detailed instructions for winterizing a 2008 X45 with 8.1L Vortec motor and cannot seem to find them. I must be looking in the wrong places. I've scoured the web, this forum, MC website, YouTube, etc. Will someone either please direct me to the right place or provide the instructions?...
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  • jakubm1
    started a topic Winterization / Dry Block

    Winterization / Dry Block

    My 1974 Skier is my first ski type boat.

    I usually winterize by first draining the engine of water and then running about 8 gallons of antifreeze in a loop until the t-stat opens up.

    This is my first raw water cooled inboard. Any potential issues with starting up the...
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  • Tech
    started a topic Potentially Purchasing 1987 Prostar

    Potentially Purchasing 1987 Prostar

    I occasionally have driven by this 1987 Prostar sitting in a storage lot and noticed it hasn’t moved in the past few years. I contacted the owner and asked if he would sell it. He is interested in selling it but I have no idea what to offer him for the boat. Unfortunately, I do not have pictures but...
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  • X1 Transmission winterization (help please!)

    I'm trying to find the transmission cooler drain plugs/hoses on my 2007 X1 (RTP engine 310HP), and I'm not having much luck. I want to make absolutely sure that I'm safe for the winter. I've followed all of the other procedures in the manual for winterization, but the illustrations in the operator's...
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  • Winterization: Shrink Wrap Worth It?

    Looking for some guidance. I own a 2009 M/C MS215. I keep the boat in a covered lift at Lake Anna, VA. In past years, I would take the boat out of the water, winterize (M/C dealer), shrink wrap it, and store it outside. The dealer that I used to use is now out of business so I'm reconsidering the approach....
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  • Timr245
    started a topic 08 X-2 heater winterization

    08 X-2 heater winterization

    Well I winterized my 08 X-2 today & when I tried to get both heater hoses off to blow it out 1 would not come off. So I left it attached and blew air through the 1 that came off. Lots of water came out of the block drains (knock sensor mounts) and also some out of the impeller housing. Is this sufficient...
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  • frankster66
    started a topic 1994 205 Wintersation

    1994 205 Wintersation

    Just bought this boat this year (1994 PS 205) , looking into winterizing for the first time myself.

    I understand the draining of the exhaust and block process.

    Now I’m a bit confused were I add the RV anti freeze to fill up the block??

    I see where I’ll...
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  • Getting Cold and I haven't winterized

    OK, so it is going down to 32 over night tonight, and down to 27 Saturday morning.

    Late this summer, I bought a '95 Prostar with the LT-1 and a closed cooling system. I was planning to do my first winterizing this weekend... I don't have a warm place to put it until the weather clears...
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  • 80starsmn
    started a topic Draining LT-1 block

    Draining LT-1 block

    Longtime self-winterizer (PCM 351) first time LT-1 winterizer. I am a run the engine till it's warm with water then run in anti-freeze until it comes out un-diluted in the exhaust. I then remove the two (2) manifold plugs and two (2) block plugs (one is knock sensor), and remove impeller cover to...
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  • cdevro
    started a topic Frozen/ cracked JL Subwoofer housing

    Frozen/ cracked JL Subwoofer housing

    This one is a first for me... A frozen speaker housing. (see pic) So spring is getting ready here in MN and with that means opeing the wallet for the boat. I did no plan on replacing the JL subwoofer. Has anybody seen this before? The moisture inside the speaker caused the housing to freeze and crack...
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