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  • Trhodes
    started a topic 03 X-2 Decal Vendor

    03 X-2 Decal Vendor

    I am in the process of compounding my gelcoat, and I need to remove the chrome "mastercraft" decals on the transom and rear sides of my boat. The only ones I found were $250, and I was wondering if anybody had any other ideas/cheaper options? I do not understand why they would cost that...
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  • Trhodes
    started a topic Constant Beep When Running 2003 x2

    Constant Beep When Running 2003 x2

    I have a 2003 x2, and it runs mechanically perfect. However, whenever I crank it after a few minutes in starts this constant beep sound that will make the sound system cut out. The sound will play continuously for about 7 minutes and then cut off, and about 5 minutes later it will start again. It...
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  • Weighting 2003 X2 for Wakeboarding

    I have a 2003 x2 (205v hull pretty sure) Ballast-wise I have the two rear lockers full (i think 750 ea), the KGB (I think 400), and the IBS (I think 550) any tips for the best/largest wakeboard wake? I usually fill the IBS and KGB and fill both rear sacks about half way I ride around 65'-70', going...
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  • Trhodes
    started a topic Value Tower Speakers

    Value Tower Speakers

    I need some great value speakers for my tower. I have an '03 mastercraft x2 (205v). My main goal is to be able to hear them while wakeboarding, so I know I will probably need HLCD speakers. I currently have (4) Polk Audio tower speakers. They shut off whenever I turn the volume up loud enough to...
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  • Trhodes
    started a topic Tower Speakers Cutting Out at High Volume

    Tower Speakers Cutting Out at High Volume

    I have an '03 X2 (non-picklefork), and my (4) Polk Audio tower speakers cut out after I play music past, say, 65% volume for 10 minutes. Is this so the amp does not overheat or has anybody else had this problem or know how to fix it?. I am not sure the exact amp I have running it as I bought the...
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  • Trhodes
    started a topic '03 X2 gelcoat restore

    '03 X2 gelcoat restore

    My blue x2 is fairly faded/oxidzed at the stern. I have done due diligence in research, and I wanted to know what you guys think of this plan: I bought Meguiars One-Step compound and a 3M wool compounding pad. I will follow this with 3m's finesse it II glaze and a 3m foam polishing pad (the black...
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  • 1st Gen X2 & Xstar Canvas Cover

    Selling a grey under tower cover used on my 2004 x2. The cover has cutouts and velcro for the tower legs, covers swim platform, reinforced on areas of contract, and ties for a secure fit.


    This cover will fit the 1st...
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  • UFP Trailer (tongue) Actuator For Sale

    UFP Actuator (swing tongue) for sales. Model A60/A75/XR84 for single axle trailer. Installed for 3 months in summer of 2018. Trailer was too far gone so new trailer was purchase. $375. Fully working and ready to install. Was on a 2008 X2 trailer. Tim (630) 730-1961....
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  • Immaculate 2013 X2 w/Gen 2, Loaded with options

    *** SOLD *** Immaculate condition LOADED Gen 2 equipped 2013 X2 Black w/ gunmetal flake and lime green accents.

    This boat definately get's attention....

    For anyone ready to step up to a Gen 2 boat, this boat is the one you have been waiting for as it was...
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  • joshkarg
    started a topic Wtb 2006-2007 X2, X15

    Wtb 2006-2007 X2, X15

    WTB a well cared for X2, X15 preferably but would also consider a X1,X-Star or 205V based on budget. Looking to be in lower $30's for purchase price. Looking for something that is water ready and has a good interior. Willing to wait to find good color combo and something cared for. Must have solid...
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  • Benny62
    started a topic X2-Trailer or Parts

    X2-Trailer or Parts

    X2 Trailer (2008) or parts for sale. Brand new replacement tongue, also 3 wheels, newer bunks, etc. Put conversion tongue on last summer, but it was too late for my trailer. Unfortunately trailer was too rusted. Used trailer all last summer, but decided to just get a new trailer. $700 for whole...
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  • dwalt406
    started a topic 07-09 Mastercraft X-2

    07-09 Mastercraft X-2

    I am starting to look for an 07-09 X-2. Anyone out there looking to upgrade or sell before summer?
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  • mc1202
    started a topic 2008 Mastercraft X-2 Decal Replacement?

    2008 Mastercraft X-2 Decal Replacement?

    Anyone know where I can buy new replacement graphics for my 2008 X-2?
    I wanted the back X-2 decal as well as the word "Mastercraft" on each side. Thanks!...
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  • franquellim
    started a topic Wtb: 2001-05 X-10

    Wtb: 2001-05 X-10


    I'm looking for a family boat that can handle intermediate fun. Budget is $25-$30K for the right boat. From what I understand, I'm looking for X1, X2 or X10, with Maristar 210 a possibility. We ski a little, wakeboard a little more and like to surf, but only go out 8-10 times a year....
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  • wakesurf6786
    started a topic Fugly 2007 X2 or older X30

    Fugly 2007 X2 or older X30

    So here is my dilemma, I've come across a smokin' deal on a 2007 X2 with 600 hours, seller is asking $25,000 for the boat. Here is the catch. The boat has all brand new interior that is SOLID BLACK and NEON GREEN . It looks horrible. The boat is wrapped in a matching neon green/black wrap...
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