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  • X14 in Wisconsin, Minnisota, or Illinois (Northern)

    Hey guys, I’ve narrow down my search. I’m looking for an X 14 or X 14V., a 197/ X7 and would consider a 195. I am flexible, but I am looking for a purchase between April 15 and end of July.. Nothing newer than a 2010.

    If you are considering selling your boat this year please...
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  • Cougar694u
    started a topic Wiring Diagram for 2009 x14?

    Wiring Diagram for 2009 x14?

    I've got a 2009 x14 that's got some electrical issues I'm trying to sort through.

    Does anyone know where I can find a wiring diagram for this?

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  • BAdair
    started a topic WTB Prostar 214

    WTB Prostar 214

    Still looking for a Prostar 214. Would also consider an X14. As everyone visits their local boat shows, I'd appreciate you keeping an eye out for me.

    Not yellow
    Regular windshield (not BTS)
    Would really like to find one with a mini-tower, but would take a regular tower....
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  • Jasondgillis
    started a topic 2014 X14 Carbon Canister

    2014 X14 Carbon Canister

    I love this boat but keep having to have the dealer replace the carbon canister which isn’t cheap. Apparently it keeps getting water intrusion from the vent. They even relocated the vent to higher up by the helm, which helped but has not completely solved the issue. First can anyone tell me where...
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  • Msandrock
    started a topic 2008 X-14 upholstery cushion removal HELP

    2008 X-14 upholstery cushion removal HELP

    doea anyone know how to remove the rear cushion on an x-14. You can reach about 4 of the bolts from the rear storage compartment. There are 2 bolts in the rear corners of the boat that are totally inaccessible. There is definitely no room to reach from under the seats Or rear compartment. I may have...
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  • Any PS 214/X-14 owners in SE VA? Will fill your tank/cooler for a pull.

    I've been a waterski enthusiast for a long time and currently own an I/O. My wife and I plan to upgrade to a DD ski boat this summer. We have young kids who just started skiing and I am just starting to get into the course. I'm currently running 30 mph around 15 off, like most course newbies... but...
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  • GMTX46
    started a topic 2008 X14, DD, MCX, Mint Condition

    2008 X14, DD, MCX, Mint Condition

    I'm in mourning because I never thought I'd sell this boat. I custom-ordered it new and have cared for it meticulously ever since. All service done at local MasterCraft dealer. The red, white, and blue color scheme is timeless but now, the kids are off to college, and I'm not just using it as much as...
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  • loeffele
    started a topic Looking for a x-14, prostar 214

    Looking for a x-14, prostar 214

    Does anyone know where some 08, or 09 x-14 boats are for sale?
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  • loeffele
    started a topic Looking for a x-14, prostar 214

    Looking for a x-14, prostar 214

    If anyone could point me to a lead that would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
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  • 2014 214v / x14v with Ilmore 6.0

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  • kryzmc93
    started a topic 214v Ballast system

    214v Ballast system

    Hello all. I just got a 214v with the 6.0 motor with the IPA 7 touch screen. I am looking for a ballast system for this boat that is not too ridiculous.

    Intermediate wake boarders
    Not so much into surfing but who knows.

    Give me your thoughts.......
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  • Raed55001
    started a topic Differences in x14's

    Differences in x14's

    I'm currently in the market for an x14 or an x9. I've been looking at a lot of '08s, and have spent plenty of time on one, but a dealer near by has an '07 without many hours that looks pretty tempting. Are there any real differences in the x14 as you go from 07 to 08 and 09 other than the graphic...
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  • Wanting to trade: Flawless 2009 X14 for a V-drive

    Hey gents! I have a beautiful blue/white X14 with single axle trailer in Maryland with 110 hours. I bought the boat because I was a skier as a kid but as I have used the boat more and more I have been wakeboarding more and more and now I am to the point where I hardly ski anymore! If anyone is in...
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  • ProTour X9
    started a topic 214/X14 Suggestion...Skiers?

    214/X14 Suggestion...Skiers?

    This question is mostly for skiers that own the 214/X14: where do you put your skis? One of the main reasons we went with an 06 X9 as opposed to the new 14 was that it had the typical layout and you can put at least four slalom skis in the back locker. In my radical opinion it would be great if MC...
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  • squigs
    started a topic X-14DD Boom

    X-14DD Boom

    Has anyone on here experimented with a barefoot boom for an X-14DD?

    It's quite a distance from the pylon and around the tower leg, so I'm not confident that the standard DD booms will work. I was wondering if a v-drive boom could work (essentially in reverse), or if there's a tower...
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