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  • stuartjr
    started a topic Fs: 2019 X22

    Fs: 2019 X22

    I am selling my 2019 X22 with 71 hours, asking $140K. I bought it in November of 2019 before COVID hit. Between the overcrowded boat ramps last year and changing family dynamics this year, I don’t get many opportunities to use it. I am hoping someone else can get some use out of it before the...
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  • stuartjr
    started a topic X22 with Fast Fill

    X22 with Fast Fill

    For those with an X22 that has fast fill, at what point during the filling cycle do they begin blowing water out the overflow holes? My rear starts around 65%, same with the front. Seems early to me but not sure if its normal. I will check my fill times next time out but do not currently have th...
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  • Finally Pulled the Trigger on a New Boat

    Bittersweet day. I pulled the X10 out of storage and hauled it to the dealer for the final time today. Buying this boat has arguable been the best decision of my life. It has helped create so many good memories with family and friends. It is one of the most unrated boats for sure. Sad to see it...
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  • Compare the X22, X24, XSTAR, G23. Which is the best boat to buy for a surfing family?

    We are a family of 4 that loves to surf and chill for long on water sessions.
    We are buying a late fall special 2019 model year.
    A big tuneable surf wave is a must. Some wakeboarding, some cruising, even less skiing, and unfortunately a little tubing.
    Storage is important....
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