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  • cal2vin
    started a topic 2021 Mastercraft X24 for sale

    2021 Mastercraft X24 for sale

    Location: 42001
    Hours: 118
    Phone: 618-638-3656

    All maintenance done on schedule and records available.
    6.2 L engine
    Extra prop - acme 3289
    Upgraded stereo (see below)
    Upgraded custom ballast bags if desired (stock ones installed at the moment)...
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  • sdfoiler
    started a topic X24 Changes through the years

    X24 Changes through the years

    I'm looking at possibly stepping up to an X24 for next year. I've searched but can't seem to find a list of changes from 2019 through current models.

    Here's the things I have found: (updated with replies from below)

    2019 - First year for X24 - 5 Year warranty on boat...
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  • MeyersRL
    started a topic Trailering X24 with Yukon Denali?

    Trailering X24 with Yukon Denali?

    We are settling on ordering an X24 with triple axle trailer and currently have a 2021 Yukon Denali 4X4 with Max Trailering package.

    GVWR = 7,500
    GCWR - 14,500
    Conventional Trailer weight = 8,000
    Max tongue weight = 800

    After looking at the numbers...
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  • MeyersRL
    started a topic Help with X24 build

    Help with X24 build

    My wife and I are ordering an X24 and need help with some options regarding the X24 from those with some experience. We will talk this all through with the dealership but want some unbiased thoughts as well. We currently own our 2001 X30 which be bought from the boat show back in the day and were able...
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  • Cool feel interior ripping at seams X24 2019


    Do you have had problems with the black cool feel interior. My boat has about 450 hours and is from 2019.

    The middle back seat starts tear apart. Because Mastercraft boats don’t have a walkthrough, you need to step on the middle seat to get up and on the platform....
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  • 2020x24
    started a topic 2020 X24 6.2 Wot

    2020 X24 6.2 Wot

    Hi All-
    I posted here before I committed to ordering my new x24, I got great feedback on this forum so I have another Question...
    I got the boat in the water this weekend and all is perfect, keeping in mind the break in period, trying to vary the throttle as much as possible I decided...
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  • For Sale: Klipsch Speakers

    Pair of Klipsch Speakers off x24 - great shape - one season of use - asking $850.00

    Indianapolis, Ind. (June 20, 2017) – Klipsch Audio, a tech-driven audio company, today announced an exclusive relationship to bring premium, concert-level sound to MasterCraft Boat Company’s new sport...
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  • jgraves
    started a topic Just upgraded X24

    Just upgraded X24

    Hey everyone! Merry Christmas!!!
    Saturday I just purchased a leftover 2019 X24. I’m coming from a 2017 NXT22 and I had the wave DIALED on that thing. Any pointers to getting the best wave out the X24, beyond stock settings? I have 950 pounds of LeadWake to mess with (I lost one 50 pound bag...
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  • Compare the X22, X24, XSTAR, G23. Which is the best boat to buy for a surfing family?

    We are a family of 4 that loves to surf and chill for long on water sessions.
    We are buying a late fall special 2019 model year.
    A big tuneable surf wave is a must. Some wakeboarding, some cruising, even less skiing, and unfortunately a little tubing.
    Storage is important....
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  • trlmastercraft
    started a topic X24 Default Wakeboard Profiles

    X24 Default Wakeboard Profiles

    First time MC owner and first time posting...
    I was able to get out on our new x24 for the first time this last weekend to put some break in hours on the engine. I'm waiting to get in to ride until a few more hours are on the boat, but started playing around with the wakeboard profiles. I noticed...
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  • New X24 Surf Boat Creates Industry’s Largest Wave, Most Advanced Surf Experience

    Expanding its dominance in wake surfing technology and performance, the new X24 announced today by MasterCraft Boat Company (NASDAQ: MCFT) enters the market as the new wake surfing category standard. The newest X-series vessel’s on water experience blends the science of its leading MasterCraft wake...
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