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  • zfab
    started a topic Mastercraft Hurth Vdrive

    Mastercraft Hurth Vdrive

    I have a Hurth V drive off an early 2000’s mastercraft. It was a project boat. Engine ran. Never had in the water. Was supposed to be a good unit. Spins over, has oil, not full of water. Has bell housing and drive plate and stringer mounts Asking 300.00 would rather sell locations. Could ship at...
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  • What is This Nut/Allen set from - Found 2 of them in bottom of boat X45

    This looks to be the same paint as the engine (2010 X-45). One appears older than the other as it's more corroded. As you can see a 7/32 Allen set was attached to the sheared off nut? No idea!...
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  • Okon2
    started a topic x45 Sub Placement

    x45 Sub Placement

    At the end of last season I purchased a 2006 Maristar 245 VRS. Super excited to get it in the water here soon! Meanwhile, I will be adding an Amp (JL 700/5) to power the existing cabin speakers, as well as a new 10" JL Sub.

    My question is, can anyone post pics of both the sub front,...
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  • CodyLeeX45
    started a topic CAN wire location

    CAN wire location

    Hello all,

    2007 X45 8.1L only 140 hours.

    Long story short, I bought the boat in August, it runs great and never had any real issues with it. Took it to the dealer to get a full service on it, they tell me that it needs a new engine and the ECU is bad. They said the engine...
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  • TNstevo
    started a topic 2009 X45, 450 Hrs - Tennessee

    2009 X45, 450 Hrs - Tennessee

    Bump from Fall
    2009 X-45 SS with LY6, Approx 450 hours, $42,000. Murfreesboro, TN
    Boat was in saltwater in CA when new for about 1 year, but has been freshwater for the last 10, no corrosion anywhere. I’ve had the boat a couple of years, but we moved to a lake where we don’t have a...
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  • Zuke
    started a topic Prop Help - High Elevation - X45

    Prop Help - High Elevation - X45


    I am looking for some advice on selecting a new prop for my 2013 X45 with the Ilmor 6.2L engine. I run the boat at 8000' and I am looking for a new prop to help get the boat out of the hole better and improve top speed. I run the boat heavily weighted for surfing. The current...
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  • Ryanb72
    started a topic 2008 Mastercraft X45 - Ballast Problem

    2008 Mastercraft X45 - Ballast Problem

    I recently purchased my buddy's x45. I placed the boat back in after winterization from a Mastercraft dealer. I have replaced all three impellers to the ballast system and verified all the pumps are working and functional. However, none of the ballast systems are filling. Is there a valve that could...
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  • rh0dium
    started a topic Dropped a screw - Dang it!

    Dropped a screw - Dang it!

    Hey all,

    2010 X45

    I dropped one of the 3 flanged hex screws attaching the oil filter mount, and I'm now away from the boat. Can someone tell me what size they are. I believe them to be 1/2 or M10 but I'm not positive.

    Thanks much!!
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  • A bad day for the X45 - Fiberglass/gelcoat repair needed

    It was windy in Georgia a couple nights ago and last night a pine tree decided to snap and fall on the X45.

    Does anyone know a good shop for repairing the fiberglass and gelcoat in SW Georgia (LaGrange)?...
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  • dodwellleung
    started a topic 2008 X45 piggyback ballast upgrade questions

    2008 X45 piggyback ballast upgrade questions

    I have just installed the wakemaker piggyback ballast upgrade for the rear lockers. Firstly, I would like to invite comments on the correctness of the connection of hoses (as shown in photos with coloured green and coloured red numbering attached). The Green Number 1 is connected to the original hard...
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  • ACME 2059 15/15.5 for sale!

    Hey guys,

    I tried this prop for one day at the direction of our local dealer. We decided to go with a more aggressive prop for our needs. Here are the details:

    ACME 2059
    Diameter: 14
    Pitch: 15.5
    Cup: .105
    Shaft: Spline - Left

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  • jaruhlen
    started a topic X45 Surf Setup 2019

    X45 Surf Setup 2019

    Looking to really dial in the surf setup and make it easier for goofy and regular riders without having to move the sacks around. Currently have two 850's which create an excellent wave heavy loaded one side. Just ordered the SWELL Wakesurf Creator SLIM and am planning on running the 850's in both...
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  • edmc18
    started a topic 2009 MC X45 - Removing Cockpit Bulkhead Panels

    2009 MC X45 - Removing Cockpit Bulkhead Panels

    My wife and I operate a small (literally "Mom and Pop"!) Boat Upholstery business at Smith Mountain Lake in SW Virginia. We are currently working with a customer to do a complete reupholstery job on his 2009 Master Craft X45. We went over to his slip the other day to remove the seats, back...
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  • burk
    started a topic port ballast pump not responding

    port ballast pump not responding

    2005 X45, the boat is wintering on the trailer. Last time at the lake, the port side pumped water into the ballast tank, would not empty. went home, boat on trailer in garage, turned the switch to 'empty' just to see if it would work, and water shot out! I emptied the tank outside. Now all three...
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  • jaruhlen
    started a topic Tower Speakers Advice Needed

    Tower Speakers Advice Needed

    Advice needed: I'm looking to add on some tower speakers; but, I don't know where to start. Reading online here it sounds like I will need another amp to power the new speakers. I am wanting to have a good enough quality for surfing & tubing; but, primarily floating in the water without having...
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