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Originally Posted by Maxirat427 View Post
Gen2 is 1920 lbs. 710 on each side, 500 in the middle. The purpose of the Gen2 system was to take the guessing out of it. Weight the boat evenly and deploy opposite side tab, middle also for port side surfing.
I agree! after lots of testing. I have a 2017 XT23 basically same thing.

With no extra weight and not many people in the boat I wasn't getting any push. I tried letting water out of starboard and putting that tab down more( i surf normal side) and all kinds of things.

What I found out also is make sure your tab is deploying, you might have a bad actuator and it might say 65% but actually be at 75% or more who knows. I have had mine replaced one all ready and they might be be going out again.

This is what is working for me right now with stock ballast full!! Left steep setting which should be 30% and 65%. Once in motion or preset if you have the big screen, set them to 0% center tab and 50% starboard and I get a really huge wave with only 2 adults. I go about 10.3 to 10.6 mph. If I have the boat full of people then the stock preset works fine.

angle of pic not great but only two adults in the boat and I have my son on the board. I am pretty far back as well.
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