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Originally Posted by kogs View Post
Hey all,

Over the last month I have gone from one of the biggest Mastercraft advocates to properly one of the worst critics. It is so unfortunate honestly, but its the most pathetic service I have ever had in my life. I expect at least an even average service when you buy a 100-200,000 boat- or anything for that matter.
Did you call corporate? Do that and make sure you have all documents that might pertain.

WRT "It's OK to do your own work"- that needs to be in writing, but you also need to realize that they have seen so many claims that the work was done correctly when it wasn't, that they all have to draw a line, somewhere. The fact is, most boat owners DON'T know how to service their boats and if you read what people are doing when they "troubleshoot", logic doesn't seem to enter the picture.

Don't get me wrong- if you search my comments about dealer competence, you'll see that I have been very harsh but it's not out of hatred for dealers, it comes from having been a MC trained service tech. A large part of my problems with dealers is in how they manage their service departments and how they communicate, or don't. The service manager may have been legitimately busy and if the mechanic knows what he's talking about, it may be that he's the next in line in the department- much better than having shmendrick call people and not know what he's talking about.

WRT an $8K V-drive: the transmission is separate from the V- there's no reason the whole assembly should need to be replaced. Granted, working on some boat transmissions is a royal PITA, but yours should be accessible from the front, anyway.

You don't buy parts before knowing the problem.

I think you need to look into something- you wrote that you have a 2015 X-30 and that you bought it 4 years ago- if it has a 7 year powertrain warranty, have them scan the ECM and look for evidence of overheating- if it has overheated, does this void the warranty? If it hasn't overheated, I think they're shooting themselves in the foot by taking so long and trying to get out of covering the repairs, but then, I'm an outsider.

DO NOT call MC and yell at them.
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