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Feeler - 2010 x15 with Surf System

Looking at selling our x15, will be available in September. I'd like to line up a buyer if there is someone looking for this specific boat. We are selling to upgrade or go in on a x23 with a friend of ours. Honestly I am very torn with selling, I love this boat, it does everything we want at a reasonable price and manageable size. I like to slalom ski a bit and the wake for that is not bad with the center plate.

2010, 300 hours, MCX. Wakemakers piggy back (450's each locker). 2x50lb bags of leadwake in the back.

Most importantly custom surf tabs. This boat had GEN 1 tabs which I replaced with these GEN 2 like tabs. It works awesome. You just use the factory controls for the GEN 1 tabs so you get full integration with the stock MC system.

Surf wake keeps up with our friends 14' x10 w/GEN 2.

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2010 X15 with custom tabs
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