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I would agree @skyskiguy. I'd be in at $500. I know for a fact (I've been looking for months) that the non "deckadence brand" PVC loop mat, spaghetti mat, whatever you want to call it can be had unbacked for roughly $140 for 3x5-4x6 rolls....and that's retail. The problem with the "un-backed" product is it doesn't have the anti-skid properties and could slide under the right conditions. The deckadence has the backing but it's also perforated for draining capabilities which is unique. Other companies product is solid rubber anti-skid if its backed.

It's not after market one offs really... you can buy 6x10's all day and Luna is a standard color. Either your buddy is trying to get retail cost from you/us or the real deal is "get three people to pay retail and you get yours free". Either way, I'd be in at $500.
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