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Originally Posted by ValveCoverGasket View Post
figured someone might find this useful in the future, save a few minutes searching
but one of my winter projects this year was updating the dim original lighting in our 2004 tandem - i assume a lot of this is similar across many of the older trailers, but figured id put everything in one spot for posterity.
either that or im really bad at searching so it took me too long to find replacements i could guarantee would drop in without any other changes to the trailer

etrailer had everything, and id probably recommend getting new gaskets for the larger lights as the old ones were a bit loose on the LED housings.
no issues reusing the gaskets for the smaller lights
total cost - with the covid markup on the red model 60s - came out to around $250.

everything was standard truck lite lighting originally, and all the new LED stuff plugged in as a direct swap without any harness changes

excuse the rough sketch, but might give a little more context
top is a profile
bottom is the rear view

Deleted the spam link.

total number of lights to replace on the tandem trailer was:
2x amber round model 10s on the front
2x amber model 15s on the front of the fenders
7x red model 15s, including the 3 on the light bar underneath the boat
2x white model 60s for reverse
2x red model 60s for tail lights

and the LED replacements for each:
round amber model 10 p/n MCL59AB
amber model 15 p/n AL91AB
red model 15 p/n AL91RB
white model 60 reverse light p/n BUL002CB
red model 60 tail light p/n STL70RB

model 15 grommets - i didnt order any of these and didnt find i needed them
model 60 grommets - i ordered 4 of these thinking itd be nice to have them, and ended up using all of them, so id recommend this

no finished night time pics, but its obviously a huge upgrade.... took less than a half hour to swap all of them. so this is definitely a quick project!

i got tired of pulling beat up uhaul trailers that had nicer lighting than our boat
Thanks. I have a friend that I will pass this on to.

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