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First, remove the center section up front – should be held in by five press-in plastic retainers (Christmas tree style). Start with the bottom left and right corners first. I found it helped to have one of those automotive door panel fastener removal tools. Protect the fiberglass with a cloth.
Then, remove speakers so you can start to remove the 7/16 nuts/bolts that hold the side panels on. A ratchet wrench is VERY helpful and if your arms are not too big/long it is manageable. Each side will have one bolt at the very front of the side panel that you access through the hole uncovered by the center seat back. Then start to locate the others you access through the speaker holes. Last, you’ll need to remove the panel in front of the driver’s feet to get to the bolts near the driver and observer. Finally you’ll lift the side panels up, and off of the aluminum brackets attached to the fiberglass. Hope this helps.

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