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I have been working with the slalom wake on my XT20 over the past couple weeks. I did not test ski the boat before I ordered so I wasn't sure what to expect. Add to that the fact that I haven't skied for over 10 years, so basically starting fresh. My first run I was very impressed with how easy it pulled me out of the water, popped up immediately. Once up I was surprised to see a fairly large center roostertail bump at 20 off at 28 mph. It certainly had my full attention as I crossed the wake. I have been able to clean it up a bit with 20-25% center tab and 15 off at 28 mph. The wake does seem to flatten out more at 32 mph but that's a little fast for my ski and skill level right now.

As an aside I have been working to teach my son to ski and starting with two skis. At anything less than 25-28 the boat basically has big wakeboarding waves, even with no ballast. Pretty tough to get a beginner to cross those waves to get out to clean water.
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