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I'm on my third cover (2 different boats) and would highly recommend them as a cover but I don't know about using any of them while towing.

After many years of boat ownership, I've come to never tow with a cover on as I've never had any luck doing so even with the ones that say they're designed for towing. They either leave rub marks where they come in contact with the boat, get ripped up from the abuse of towing at 70+ MPH or leak water through the seams or material itself if it rains during towing.

The cost/performance just has never justified the benefit (juice wasn't worth the squeeze if you will) for me. Others may have had a different perspective but I've done this for years with various covers and had the same results.

I've seen the Evolution covers which would appear to be the best design for towing but severely limit coverage for protection if stored outside or on a lift. This makes perfect sense as in order to perform well at towing speeds the design would have to limit drag and thus be as sleek as possible. It seems you will be limited to either a sleek "tow-able" cover or one that provides superior protection. Anything else like most "crossover" designs will most likely leave you with something that doesn't do anything bad but doesn't do anything well.
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