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I'm glad I found this thread. Just purchased an immaculate 2013 X10 that was very well taken care of. I didn't notice anything on the test drive mostly because the cooler was empty and there were always 2 people sitting port side. I've had it out a couple of times and noticed a heavy lean to starboard and it seems to ride pretty nose high even with the plate down. I'm coming from a Supra 21v which did list a slight bit to starboard but was only noticeable from looking at a slight difference in the wake from side to side.

My boat only has the center plate and no tabs. Confirmed the ballast was empty by cycling the drain pumps while not moving and again when sitting at an angle on the ramp. I notice mine listing enough at around 21 mph that if I make a moderately hard right turn, the rub rail is near the water line and it will kick spray up until it hits the wakeboard in the starboard rack. It doesn't do this if making the same turn to port. I'm starting to wonder if I may have made a big mistake by upgrading. I love this boat and it's obvious to me how much more thought was put into the design but this worries me.
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