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Originally Posted by neil.anderson63 View Post
How far commute? What are your expectations for comfort of ride? Quite a few Jeep owners here. Wife loved her 2DR wrangler as a daily driver. It was not lifted though. With the wrong tires and lift it could be a handful to daily drive
Our commute to our business from our home is 5-7 mins. Otherwise just running around town or out to the lake house ~1 hr each way. A couple of 14hr round trip runs per summer, but no towing. We can always take the avalanche for those trips too. 2dr is not an option as this could be a kid getter in the future. We do not have kids yet. Comfort is subjective, my avalanche is a z71 on a 2.5 level and 33"load e tires. I rides rougher that most would like but does not bother us.
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