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Originally Posted by Roman View Post
I only have experience with the newer pentastar.

That being said all the jeep owners I have talked to say the pentastar is leaps and bounds better then the previous engine, especially fuel mileage.

Do not get 3.21 gears. They are TERRIBLE, especially is you get the automatic. It will hunt gears a alot. 3.73 gears are the gears to get for a blend of good fuel economy and power. I cant stress this one enough. 3.21's ruin the thing.

For a daily driver, I found that when I took automatics home, the NVH (noise vibration harshness) would bother me more. The 6 speed manual made the jeep more fun to drive so the NVH bothered me less. IF your wife cant drive manual than this is moot.

I hated the way short wheel base jeeps drove. Great for when your actually offroading, but on road the short wheel base sucks. Sucks in the snow and just generally not a good riding vehicle. If you ever want to tow, Do not even consider the short wheel base (And I think towing 10k with a 1/2 ton isnt a such a big deal as most people here lol).

Ok I just saw you want to add a lift and 35's. Dont even consider 3.21's. I think 3.73 might be ok with a manual. You are better off with 4.10s though.

Im assuming you are mall crawling with this?

Yep call us out, she does not shop at the mall but yes it's not going to be out on trails flexing out. Automatic is a must for her, good point on the 3.73 gears. That will be a must now. As for the 35" I'll look for options closer in size in a p-metric so that it's not bothersome to drive as much.
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