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Originally Posted by Stars_and_Stripes_footer View Post
My '79 Stars and Stripes ran pretty good last season until the last time out. While footing under full throttle I lost power, and developed what sounds like a top end knock, definitely not a rod knock though. The motor hasn't been touched since '88, so I'm thinking about pulling it and tearing the top end down for a good going-through. Before I get into it, I'm just wondering where I can find internal parts for the motor, I've looked around online without much luck. The motor is the original 351w with a beefy cam put in in '88. I'm relatively new to the boating world, so any parts-sources or other tips would be appreciated!

I've just rebuilt the 351 in my 81 stars and stripes. Any internal engine parts that you need should be readily available at your local auto parts store. The motor itself is no different than an automotive engine other than freeze plugs and and thermostat. It is possible that you have a right hand rotation 351. If you still have the tag only the intake manifold, it should have that information. I will also mention that if you are planning to freshen up the top end with the hours that are on the bottom end that you would probably be better off just going through the bottom end as well.
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