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Originally Posted by Ben View Post
Unless you are planning for a lot of slalom, I'd stick w 205. 94-95 is suppose to be a better ski wake. 96+ is probably better for boarding. One thing that would help is to find / buy / make a jumpseat for the walkthru like "east tx skier" did. That way, you and 3 buddies could go skiing, and use the pylon. IMO, Two guys on a 205 observer seat is a bit tight....
^^+1 - I have '95 205. Great wake for slalom, makes an ok wake for boarding. If your going to board get one with a tower. You run out of space really quick. I use my open bow mostly for stuff and people. Even when boarding with a tower + ballast - not great sitting in back seats.

Most of the time my back seat stays home. If you look ones with towers take a close look at the installation points. These boats were not designed to have towers so make sure they were installed properly and not causing stress cracks at the deck/tower union.
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