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It was an OJ 522 14.75" x 15.5" .170 cup, which turned into a 787 at some point. Same prop either way. I went with an Acme 2061. According to Acme should have picked up low end and top end. Only thing I noticed was it turned a few hundred RPM more at every speed. No noticeable gain out of the hole and topping out at same speed only at 400 RPM more. Sending it to Nettles to have it re-pitched and cupped to a 1593. Keep in mind an OJ 14.75" diameter prop is really only 14.5" so if you go with the Acme 2305 you are actually gaining .5" diameter not .25" like it appears but you will be loosing significant pitch. Your boat will have noticeably better hole shot and mid-range but your top end will suffer and your cruising RPM will go up significantly.
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