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Originally Posted by JMLVMI View Post
Beautiful day here in NC, rain-free for the first time in a week...and I can't find anyone with boat experience to go out with me. Wife is nervous about driving, and I don't blame her. Drive straight, avoid wallys, maintain throttle, etc...all while watching a 15-month old who loves to run around the boat!

Going to bite the bullet and get PerfectPass Stargazer 3-Event. It's one less variable she has to worry about, and then I won't have to rely on my dad or brother always being around to drive me for a few sets. Sadly it can't be here today!

Question...the Z-Box is cheaper to buy when you get the system for the first time (about half the normal cost). Is it worth it? I plan to ski in local tournaments (probably just INT or USAWaterski Grassroots) but I don't now. Just wondering if it is worth it for resale value, training, better pull, etc...


what part of NC are you in? I'm typically free and can pull you when ever you'd like... will even pitch in for some gas
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