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There's no magic in their kits other than someone has already done all the homework for you and built out all the components. I just finished plumbing mine in with some used bags I picked up on this forum, a bunch of clear premium 1" tubing and a hand full (OK 2 hand fulls) of fittings and clamps from WakeMakers.

If you call WakeMakers they'll walk you though everything you need. On the fittings I did the more expensive quick release "anti oil can" fittings for the bags/lines so I can remove them when I want to clean and used the premium clear hoses. I also bought silicone fusion tape to wrap all the clamps so nothing would snag on them.

Couple tips from my install.....

Plan out your fill/vent hose runs before doing anything else. Get enough hose for the vent so you can create a loop in the line from the bag to the vent fitting on the side of the boat. I screwed this up on my first attempt and had an binding issue with the hose in the rear compartment and also a siphoning issue. I looped a 5' section of hose that was probably a foot away from the vent fitting and all my problems went away.

What ever you think you'll need in hose you'll probably need twice as much. I thought I was going to have all kinds of extra tubing when I bought the 10' for the vent lines and it ended up being perfect with 5' on each side.

You have a choice of straight or 90 degree quick disconnect fittings. If you're not 100% sure want you need, buy both so you can get the job done in one effort.

Like I stated before this isn't a hard thing to do but if you don't know what you need you'll either end up buying not enough of something (most likely) or buying too much, which IMO is always better as I'd rather get the job done in one effort.
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