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Got a new tow rig the other week but didn't get a chance to post a pic because I've been in England for the last 10 days. I got it the other week and had enough time to drive it home and wash it then put it in the garage while I was across the pond. 2016 LML with just 23k miles, it is a LT but does have the heated cloth seats. So far I love it, the camper top came with it, I've never been a huge fan but I do think this one looks decent on the truck. I'll probably leave it on through hunting season then decide whether to take it off for next summer or not. Right now I just can't wait to get the windows tinted and get the boat behind it.

Big thanks to Corbin for taking a Friday evening to go check it out for me. I had a lot going on and wasn't able to get out to St. Louis to check it out so he did it for me. I probably wouldn't have bought it without myself or someone I trust laying eyes on it. Right after he got done test driving it another couple was waiting to do the same so based on his critique of the truck I went ahead and just pulled the trigger over the phone and the dealer had the truck delivered to me a week later after we got all the paperwork and money exchanged. I never thought I'd buy a truck like this but after doing it I have no regrets.

Since I mentioned the trip to England I'll throw in a couple teaser pics from our trip. The lake district was amazing, I'll be going back there for sure.
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