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Just installed mine today . . . after getting them a year ago. Wasn't too hard -- here's what I did.

- Remove Captains seat. A 5-minute job -- four bolts requiring 1/2" socket and 1/4" Allen wrench
- Lift up the dash panel. A 1-minute job -- pop the 3 push pins next to the windshield and remove the two screws at the bottom beside the steering column. Doing this allows the side panel to slide out away from the hull.
- Remove the screw at the center bottom of the side panel.
- Remove the hidden Nylock nut up under the rear of the side panel.
- Remove the three Torx bolts at the top of the side panel. (T37 bit for the bolts and 7/16" wrench for the nuts)

- Start with top center bolt -- it's the hardest. Insert the new grommet and bolt.
- Lying under the helm I could just reach up and touch the back of the bolt with my left fingers.
- Place SS fender washer over bolt.
- Stick the Nylock nut to my duck-taped finger, reach up, and hold it to the stud while I reach around with my right arm and turn the bolt using a ratcheting stubby screwdriver until the nut catches.
- Then reach up with the 7/16" wrench to hold the nut and tighten the bolt.
- Front and rear grommets/bolts are easy
- Reinstall everything else
- Grab a brew, sit back and admire the finished work

Pic 1: grommets in place, and showing seat removed and dash lifted
Pic 2: important hidden stud/nut to remove
Pic 3: a trick I learned from an old mechanic dude when you are working blind and can barely reach a bolt
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