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How can I join Team MasterCraft or Renew my Membership?

The Team Talk home page has a link to join or renew membership in the upper lefthand corner.
OR, go on-line to or call 1-877-4mc-stuf. If you want to renew or want to know when you should renew, look in the lower righthand corner of your current membership card for the GOOD THRU date and you should receive a reminder card from MC in the mail shortly before that date, with the above website and phone no. on it. If you have problems joining or renewing on-line, just call 1-877-4mc-stuf and they will complete the process for you.

How can I order from the ProShop?
You can order on-line in the ProShop on the MasterCraft home page or call 1-877-4mc-stuf to complete the process.
Any time you have call 1-877-4mc-stuf to join or renew, order ProShop items or have resort to calling to confirm an on-line Membership package shipment or a Proshop package shipment, always request a TRACKING NUMBER for the company they shipped your stuff to you by and they should give it to you with the shipping company name and website so you can track your order. If they can't produce a Tracking Number your order has not been completed and they will correct it and enter your order.

How do I order Team Mastercraft Exclusive items?
You have to be a current Team MasterCraft member with a vaild membership # to order from the Team MasterCraft Exclusive Item section, using the link in the ProShop section, or use the info above by calling 1-877-4mc-stuf.

If all of the above fails to work for you and you still have unresolved issues, call Greg Clower [owner relations, Team MasterCraft CSR] @ 1-800-443-8774 or e-mail him @ [email protected] and he will get it resolved for you.
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