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Originally Posted by CantRepeat View Post
Hey Coz, I grew up in North Long Beach, 52nd and Orange Ave and went to Jordan High. About as close to NLB and Compton as you can get. One of my ex's went to Wilson and my wife went to Milikan. I learned to water ski in the Long Beach Marine and I remember the Pike! Started going to Parker and Havasu when I was 17 or so. I remember jumping off that 80 foot cliff at Buckskin State Park and passing out in the dirt camp ground, Ala Villa?

The other reason I wont go back is traffic. When I was a kid you get out to Riverside in 40 minute on the 91 on any given work night. Now, what 3 hours?

I still like long walks on the beach... lol
Jordan high these days is a very dangerous place I can say I've probably done a few thousand laps in the ol marine stadium since the 70's and when all my friends would not take their boat in the salt I'd say enjoy your stay at home, I'm going skiing...and when my kids started showing up it was boarding (pics from the 90's) I started going to Parker in the 70's and we've owned a house up by the dam since 1985.

I got married and moved out to Yorba Linda in 86 when the 91 wasn't to bad but by the time I left in 06.....forget it!....yes, a 3 hour drive from LB to Riverside....ON A GOOD DAY!

Back to the thread, I'm a 29 year old General Contractor from Arizona with a 98 PS 205.
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