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Originally Posted by Whalenjf View Post
This brings back some awesome memories of restoring my 1994 Maristar 225VRS! I'm not too far away, just west of Richmond in Powhatan County.

Where do you boat? I'm usually on Lake Anna or Buggs Island (Kerr Lake), occasionally Lake Gaston and the James River up near Richmond.
We boat on the Choptank river, pretty much exclusively. Mainly because it’s in our back yard and if we go down river, there’s some restaurants and such; if we go up river no one is there, and we can almost always find a stretch of smooth water somewhere as the river narrows and turns. In addition, our old bot and trailer is in no way road worthy of going very far so I am looking forward to going some different places with this boat.

I have some family in Charlottesville and drove by lake Anna this summer after visiting for a wedding. It was crazy! I’d never actually seen so many boats out for water sports and such. Everyone in our area is fishing or crabbing which is fine by me! We rarely EVER see another skier on the river. Tubes every now and then but that’s about it.
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