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Blue Seas makes great marine products so I wouldn't fault you there. The question I have is just how many additional circuits do you have going to the battery? The next question would be why?

The Stereo itself should have an in line fuse so if that's one circuit you don't need another fuse for it. Doing so just adds another place to cause issues when troubleshooting.

If you're running amps, the feeds can be combined (as described in my precious posts) and protected by a re-settable marine breaker. The key here is re-settable as apposed to one and done.

Past these two circuits and possibly a bilge pump what else do you have going to the battery?

You've got to figure this out first before doing anything else unless you're set on adding a sub block. Avoid this if possible as once again you're just adding another source of problems should you need to trouble shoot an issue later. With electrical using the KISS design method (Keep It Simple Stupid) is the best approach.

I know this isn't fun but go back to the boat and figure out what all you have there. If any of it was added by a previous owner I would again highly recommend evaluating the installation before doing anything else. Things you should be looking for include.....

Were marine rated materials (tinned wire, connectors, inline fuse links etc.) used? I've seen wire nuts, vampire taps and balls of black tape used in bad installations.
Were the wires routed through wiring looms, cable paths or supported but cushion clamps?
Were the proper types of cable used for power? I've seen speaker cable used to power electronics in multiple bad installations.

And the list just goes on and on. Building on someone else's junk installation will only perpetuate a bad situation. I mean really, how good could the installation be if they ran all the wires directly to the battery???

At this point I'm really curious as to what kind of junk as been added.
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