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? for all the wrenches out there. Fork oil. My fork seals failed at the end of last season so I sent them out to Factory Connection to be repaired (outstanding service). During this process I was asked a battery of questions about me, where I ride, and riding style. They forks leave the factory with 130mm of fork oil. FC rebuilt the forks and returned them with 110mm of oil. I feel this is a huge difference oil oil level. Although we are measuring in mm. I lost 20mm of oil.

Does the loss oil oil affect my fork hight? I am under the impression that this will soften my suspension at the middle to bottom of the stroke? I have not yet had a chance to ride as the weather is cold and trails are still frozen. But, I feel messing around with it in the garage that if I grab a handful of front brake I push down on the bars I can almost get the fork to bottom out. Under power I feel like I will have no problem getting it to bottom out. Sure it feels softer but, like I said I have not really had a chance to test it on trials.

Any info would be great.
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