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Horrible warranty service experience happening

Hey all,

Over the last month I have gone from one of the biggest Mastercraft advocates to properly one of the worst critics. It is so unfortunate honestly, but its the most pathetic service I have ever had in my life. I expect at least an even average service when you buy a 100-200,000 boat- or anything for that matter.

Background: My 2015 x30 has been perfectly cared for and maintained though the history since I bought it from the dealer 4 years ago. It ran perfectly last summer and every year before it. It ran so perfect I honestly was so pumped to buy another. I was going to buy an X24 this year and had already been looking at the dealership.
The first time taking it out this year I noticed a noise that has never been there. only at 1200 rpm metal on metal sound- not a pleasant sound. Immediately, took it to the dealer. Within hours the tell me v drive is bad and they will have to order one. No problem I thought...Well was I in for a big surprise into the workings of Mastercraft as a business.

Still under warranty, I expect, like literally any other manufacturer, to order a part and be done with it. 1-2 weeks I am thinking. Well 4 weeks later - going on week 5 now, I still do not have my boat back.

Mastercraft tried to get out of the warranty initially as I do my work myself. I had all receipts and proof. They still made the mechanic take oil samples, check shaft play, check literally everything that would have been my fault, even take a magnet to check the oil-pan for metals. Everything came back perfect. Had it not, MC would have voided my warranty- thanks for telling me this MC when I bought the boat, you told me it was fine for me to do my own work! Apparently thats sketchy as hell. FYI. Okay learned my lesson there- even if I did it right- they aren't very apt to wanting to honor a warranty. The mechanic even told me they just denied a guy a 2019 engine because of the same thing. Different case, I know, but it clearly does happen. It was not a good feeling knowing they were not just honouring it- but okay I thought, fine, I understand...Then...

Fastforward 3 weeks, Mastercraft told the mechanic to literally take the v-drive apart to 'see' what the issue was. Like why not order the part that takes a week to come in and then dissect the issue? Why make your customer wait. And trust me, summers are SHORT in Canada, so every day counts. Still had not ordered that good old v drive.

Next, after that took 3 weeks, Mastercraft then contacted Ilmor as they did not want to pay for it! Awesome! And apparently they are bickering back and forth- they even then tried to get another third party player in the v drive to pay for it. ... Still waiting to hear!

Yay for your client who was about to drop cash on a brand new boat! So I call the manager at this point, and he tells me and I QUOTE: "ya, that sounds like MC and Ilmor!"...haha, oh does it now?! lol. Awesome. Glad MC and Ilmor care to bicker over an 8k v drive.

The manager then tells me he'll call me back and he doesn't. He gets his mechanic to call me instead (who honestly was the only reasonable guy there who even seemed remotely interested in helping me. F me, is this the kind of service we should come to expect. It is embarrassing for Ilmor and Mastercraft. It's the most pathetic experience I could have imagined. It's a shame and certainly will take a lot for them to get me to buy another now.
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