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Originally Posted by ValveCoverGasket View Post
i think a scan tool would go a long way... theres a lot of threads on here about rough running, poor idle, hard starting, etc that could easily be traced to a specific bad sensor or something wiring if we had access to a basic scan/log setup
Someone with a multimeter can test most sensors and find the problem fairly easily. It's more an issue of not knowing the correct parameters and logic of the system that causes people to drag out the parts cannon to waste time & money and build frustration. If you read enough threads and posts, you'll see people who don't know what to look for in something that costs more than all of their cars combines, diving into a problem they would never consider attempting to fix on a car or truck, even though the boat is still under warranty. I understand the scarcity of MC dealers and their unwillingness to allow other service shops to work on in-warranty boats, but the rest baffles me.
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