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Gen 2 tabs are noticeably larger with up turned outside edges and down turned trailing edges to direct the water down and under the surf side wave. This system only came with the center tab and the extra rear bag ballast on top of the standard X Series ballast tanks. It also includes updated software, swim platform riser blocks to raise the platform so the extra large tabs don't contact the platform when they are fully retracted.

With Gen 2 you weight the boat evenly by filling all ballast tanks and bags without listing the boat toward the surf side.

It's expensive (about $6,000 US dollars) to upgrade to Gen2 but totally worth it as the surf wave is excellent and you will need Gen 2 on a 2014 to have any hope of a decent resale value if you sell someday.

It is not a DYI project and must be done at a MC dealer to get the software installed and new hardware. Unfortunately the tab actuators are not mounted in the same location so the old actuator holes must be filled and the gelcoat repaired which makes the cost of the installed system so expensive. With that said I have Gen 2 on my 2013 X2 and it puts out a phenomenal surf wave compared to what you are riding now.

Gosurfassist would be a possible cheaper DYI option for modern surf tabs but I personally would not buy a 2014 X2 with an aftermarket surf system and would want the OEM MC Gen2 just for resale value alone.

Here is some photos of Gen 2 tabs...... and my X2 Gen2 surf wave.......
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