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Cheers! Glad we got it figured out as to what is on your boat. Here is a bunch of ideas to think about.......

With a 2014 you can (inexpensively) upgrade your wave by adding in the Gen 2 additional ballast bags from MC or for a DIY project buy some from The additional ballast is what makes the Gen 2 wave so big/tall where the tabs add some height but more so add to the quality (much increased wave energy or known as push) of the surf wave. The 2014 Murphy computer system allows you to easily adjust ballast pump fill and empty times for the increased ballast capacity without going to a dealer.

With the addition ballast you would weight the boat evenly but need to run a purchased or use a homemade suction cup "wedge" device to make the surf side wake roll over like it does with Gen 2 or listing the boat. I like the BoB V5 homemade wake device as I have personally tried it on 4 different boats w/o any surf tabs and had great results. However the additional ballast is a must have for a big surf wave along with raising your swim platform so it's not dragging in the surf wave. If you have the touchscreen then you could easily build and save custom surf profiles that would fill all the ballast rather than on the rear surf side ballast like you are getting now.

Personally Gen 2 is awesome but if your dealer is so far away and cost is a big issue I would first add the additional ballast bags and fabricate my own set of Gen 2 style tabs if you are a mechanical minded individual. What have you got to loose?

However a couple nice Gen 2 benefits is the software update gives you the Tripple tab auto launch feature which works amazing getting the boat on plane quickly when heavily loaded with ballast or passengers. And also the ability to "switch sides" immediately while surfing having the surf wave automatically roll over from port to starboard side and back with the touch of a button. Fun for surfing crossover moves.
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