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Ford Dealer visit

Had to pick up some items from a Ford dealership yesterday, so while I was waiting I looked at a couple of vehicles on the showroom floor. First was a Raptor, plain blue paint, black wheels, nothing fancy that I could see, and the second was a Mustang, also blue, white racing stripe, nice wheels, very fancy sports car. I have not been on the showroom floor of any dealer in 20 years, my two 7.3's are doing good and I don't buy new cars anyway. I obviously looked at the sticker price on both, and what I saw was totally unbelievable to me. The Raptor was an insane $98,500!!! Really!! Almost a 100 grand!!??? I am not familiar with the Raptor but it looked to be just a plain looking half ton pickup, it's has a much lower capacity than a nicer Super Duty. The Mustang stickered out at $78,200! Holy Crud! I was shocked, just completely shocked. Do people really buy these cars at these ridiculous prices??? How can the dealers even have the chutzpah to ask that much for a plain 1/2 ton pickup, and a hardtop sports car? I don't care if both of them have 500 HP, neither auto is worth that much moolah IMHO.
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