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Anyone Tried "Minute Drain"

I came across the website for Minute Drain. It says:

"Simply put - with the turn of a Minute Drain valve, all the water in your engine system drains out in under a minute.

In more detail - your engine components all have plugs, fittings or hoses that have to be removed by hand to allow water inside to drain out. These fittings, plugs and hoses are typically hard to remove. Our specially engineered block fittings and hoses are designed to take the place of all those old fittings. This is done without having to drill, re-thread or alter the block in any way. These new Minute Drain fittings are then connected to the heart of the system, the new Minute Drain easy open / easy close manifold valve system.

Open - Wait One Minute - Close - Done!

In 1 minute or less, Minute Drain will empty all water from the engine block, exhaust manifolds, fuel cooler, seawater pump, circulation pump and hoses."

Has anybody tried this product, or know of anyone who has?
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