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Originally Posted by CantRepeat View Post
Did you order some deutsch connector to the pump leads and run to your pumps?

I have the connectors and the $200 pliers for the ends. If you want I can make you three pigtails and send them to you. In return just send the the female deutsch connectors and the green inserts. I have a bunch of the leads.

You'd still end up either soldering the leads or using but connectors. I know the leads on the pumps aren't normally long enough to just put the deutsch connector on the pump leads.
Thanks for the offer, I will let you know as I have not decided what to do yet, I do have weatherproof spade crimp connectors I could use.....just have not decided yet.
Someone told me you can install the deutsch connecters with a punch and not use the $200 tool? The only pump that will need wire added to the harness is the starboard one, the other two have long enough leads.
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