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Originally Posted by chrislandy View Post
I have the 96 DD 205, so next gen hull (and first X-star hull).

too much focus is placed on wake size IMO, you only need a huge wake when you're REALLY good.

I've got a thread from a few years ago how I weighted it boat for boarding.

Take a look at the early wakeboarding videos from the mid to late 90's and you'll see what's possible with good technique. The big wake just makes it easier once you can do it.

This is my 205's wake when loaded up.

DSC_0078-2 by landychris, on Flickr

DSC_0077 by landychris, on Flickr

landing_frame-16 by landychris, on Flickr

I feel like sometimes people do focus on wake size. Donít get me wrong, I get the opportunity to ride behind an Axis that is loaded to the gills but with my skill set donít think it is 100% necessary. Plus I am teaching my kids too and they donít need a huge wake. But one thing that would be nice is the extra room so the bags arenít lying around the boat. But at a financial standpoint we may keep the boat. Just upgrade the interior and add fuel injection. The previous owner had trouble with it and went back to carburetor. Looks like you have an awesome setup dude.

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