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Low Voltage Alarm (10.3V)

I am in need of some electrical advice. This past winter I replaced both of my batteries, added the Blue Seas battery switch and ACR and added the ProMariner 20A battery charger.

When I de-winterized, I keep getting the low voltage alarm with the volt gauge reading around 10V. My Perfect Pass is also seeing 10.3V.

I checked voltage at both idle and at 1,500-2,000 rpm starting at the alternator, then starter, then battery switch, then ACR, then both batteries - all good with measurements around 13.3 at idle and 14.4v at higher rpm.

Then I figure its the volt gauge itself so I replaced it with a brand new one. That's not the problem.

Then I replace the MMDC (that was not cheap) but that's not the problem.

I am measuring 12.98v between the positive and negative blocks under the helm not matter at what engine rpm is at.

I'm at a loss for where the Perfect Pass and volt gauge are getting their readings from.

Can anyone provide some ideas of where to look next?

The boat is a 2002 X-30 with the Medallion gauges.
2002, X30, L-18, Red Metal Flake (the possessed boat)
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