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I don't have your style of boat but you might call the dealership and find out HOW they winterized your boat or what their normal procedure is for the NXT.

Are there any plugs attached to your steering wheel in a small bag with a tie wrap? If yes, these have to go back in unless they filled the engine with anti-freeze and left the plugs in. They could have drained it and put the plugs back in.

If they drained the engine, did they leave any hoses off that need re-attaching before you take the boat out.

Was the battery left in the boat, were the connections taken off, does it need to be taken out and fully charged?

My LT1 engine, after I run it, I have a spare hose to use off the trans cooler and let the engine suck up 6 gallons of anti-freeze, which I then drain out, I take certain hoses off, and then put the plugs back in after I get it to the winter storage site - but that's just me. There are different ways to winterize so I'd check with your dealer to see what they did to winterize if unsure. Good luck
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